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10 Reasons Webinars Need To Be Part Of Your Marketing Strategy

Webinars are an important part of your sales funnel; not just for marketing companies but for every business. Here are ten reasons why you should be adding webinars into your marketing strategy.

1. You can provide incredible value.

This is the main reason that most businesses start doing webinars. Webinars can bring together your target audience for an avenue to offer value and keep the audience engaged. It provides a space that your audience can ask questions and get real-time feedback on training.

2. The position you as an expert in your field.

A free webinar might not seem like something big to you – but it’s a huge deal to your audience. A free webinar still requires commitment from your viewers. They have to register, set aside time for the event, show up at the right time and give you valuable time out of their day. To do all this, they’ve justified this webinar as being worth it – because you are an expert they want to learn from.

3. You can make sales without hard selling.

With a formula called “The Perfect Webinar” you can offer a webinar that allows you to sell to your prospects without having to pull out a hard close. You provide just enough value that it makes sense for your audience to take that next step. You can read more about The Perfect Webinar in Russell Brunson’s books – DOTCOM Secrets and Expert Secrets.

4. You’re able to generate new leads.

By simply offering a webinar created to attract your target audience, you’re able to bring in a whole new series of leads. When they sign up for the webinar, have your attendees submit their email. Then use email nurturing to build relationships and direct readers through your sales funnel.

5. You can connect with people anywhere in the world.

There are benefits to holding free workshops and events – but webinars give you the opportunity to reach hundreds of individuals across the world (or wherever your target audience is). Not to mention the fact that webinars don’t have to cost a ton of money. You don’t need to rent a space to hold the event – provide snacks, beverages, handouts, etc. All you need is Zoom, a landing page for registration and attendees!

6. Webinars keep your audience engaged.

Webinars are one-time events that happen live. So, if your attendees show up late or leave early – they’ll miss part of it. If they don’t show up, they miss all of it. This is the power of scarcity or as we like to call it… FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out).  With any other video, the viewer can hit pause and come back at a later time. It keeps them less engaged. They’re more easily distracted.

7. Offering webinars is a great way to build relationships.

One of the best ways to build a relationship with your potential buyers is to offer value first. It’s easier to get your target audience to purchase from you if you’ve already established yourself as an expert and proven that you can provide them value. Webinars give you a platform to teach about your product or service to show why it’s important. Furthermore, it provides your audience the opportunity to put a face and voice to the name.

8. Webinars are convenient.

Almost everyone has an internet connection which means they can easily connect with you and attend your webinars from the comfort of their own home. And chances are – you can do yours from home too! There’s no travel time which removes some of the barrier when it comes to getting registrants.

9. Webinars build up your content library.

When you do a webinar, be sure to record it. Now you have video content that can be used in the future. By recording this content, overtime you will build a database of video content that can be turned into a course or be used for social media marketing.

10. Webinars can create brand recognition.

When social media followers see that you are continuously doing webinars, they will be used to seeing your brand. They will begin to recognize your brand and refer it to others who might be searching for the value you’re continuously offering. There are influencers that we see doing webinars regularly. We know and recognize them BECAUSE they do webinars!

These are ten reasons why you should be doing webinars for your business – no matter what type of business you have. What are your thoughts on this? Jump into our free Facebook Group to tell us your thoughts!

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