2020 Social Media Predictions

Every year, people in the social media and tech world release their predictions for the next year.

Here are my predictions for 2020:

1. TikTok

TikTok is climbing in popularity. Not just with teenagers, but older generations are joining in on the fun.

I think this is the next big platform for business owners and marketers. We’re already seeing massive results from orthodontists, scientists, photographers, cooks/bakers, and even therapists! That’s not to mention all the big-name celebrities.

There’s potential there for every industry and so much untapped potential. But the secret is out now!

2. Real, Raw, Dirty, Imperfect.

The marketing that is getting the best results is the ones that aren’t perfectly edited and photoshopped.

Clothing companies have become more inclusive with their body shapes, using models of every body size, showing scars and stretch marks.

Showing the REAL behind the scenes will be crucial for 2020. No one falls for the perfectly put together posts – and will likely not pay attention to it.

3. Video

This one’s been big the last few years but I don’t think it’s going anywhere anytime soon. Video catches people’s attention. It causes pattern interrupt better than any photo or graphic – because moving objects catch the eye.

Better than just posting video, we know people like to see real marketing – and live video gives that. It gives you the opportunity to show the behind the scenes and unpolished view of your business. Go LIVE to showcase the real-time marketing people crave.

It’s time to put this all into practice. Let us help you stand out by being yourself on social media and download our five-day authenticity challenge here and take action TODAY! Five Day Authenticity Challenge

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