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Best Practices for Promoting Your YouTube Videos

Are you on YouTube? If you are and you’ve created several YouTube videos but you’ve noticed that they’re not getting a lot of views, there are a few things you can do.

  1. Be sure its good content.

This seems so self-explanatory but make sure that your content is valuable and of high quality. Can people hear you ok? Is the video grainy?

  1. The perfect title.

Take a look at your title. Is it catchy? Does it accurately describe what the video is about?

  1. Excellent tags.

What are the keywords that relate to the video? Those are the words you should be using for tags.

  1. Well-written description.

How’s your copy? Does your description sound stale and boring or does it sound personable? If it’s the before mentioned, then it’s time for a change.

  1. Promotion on social media.

This is likely self-explanatory as well but be sure to post the links to your videos across your social media. Remember that you can recycle the content as well.

  1. Post Teasers.

Create short 10 – 30-second videos that sum up what your videos are about and share these across all your social media platforms as well.

  1. Send the links to your email list.

Did you release a new video? Or has one of your videos performed better than the rest? Send the link to your email list so they can benefit from it as well.

  1. Use cards to push views.

Know those little pop-ups that appear on people’s videos? The usually say “Subscribe” or they link to another video. These provide a clear Call To Action and make it easy for the viewer!

  1. Focus on your subscriber base.

Just like any other social media platform, your reach is determined often times by your followers. Encourage people to subscribe to your channel.

  1. Create Playlists.

Come up with playlists that will drive your viewers into a stream of videos. If the next video just starts automatically, people are often more willing to keep watching. ALSO, playlists come up separately in the search results.

Just like any other social media platform, you need to contribute to the community. This is one of the ways that people will find your channel!

  1. Follow the trends!

What is already trending? Piggyback on that kind of content. Discuss trending topics or create your variation of a video. Be sure to name the title similarly to the original video or topic so YouTube can suggest the video to you. (ALSO: be sure to give credit where credit is due).


Lastly… Remember that this process is just that. It’s a process that will not happen overnight. It requires consistency like any other good thing that will develop over time.


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