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The Biggest Mistakes of Facebook Marketing

Facebook Marketing is incredibly easy. Facebook has made it that way, convincing many business owners looking to market their business that they are the leader of the social media network pack.

We love Facebook for so many reasons (maybe we’re biased though… we love all social media!) but it’s easy to make big mistakes when marketing your brand. We’ve talked about six mistakes you can overcome before… but today we will tackle some of the biggest mistakes you can make within Facebook Marketing.

  1. Making Facebook your primary marketing channel.

Yes, Facebook is easy, their advertising platform is straightforward and there are billions of people on Facebook – but you don’t want to forget about other social media networks. Different platforms such as Instagram, Twitter or Snapchat reach other demographics that Facebook might not directly reach.

  1. Not having a proper sales funnel.

Without a sales funnel, it’s difficult to convert your followers into prospects and customers. If you don’t lead your followers down some sort of path to purchase, you’re wasting your time and money on Facebook.

  1. Focusing on the wrong metrics.

Page likes are a vanity metric. Sure, they show how big your audience is, but that’s about it. You need to dive right into the metrics and data related to your audiences demographics, engagement, cost per conversion, etc. This is where the true value lies.

  1. Not allocating enough budget to testing ads.

Ads require testing before you get them just right. There’s a lot of factors to test including targeting, ad copy, images, and landing pages. Make sure you have enough of a budget to test all of these items so you can dial in on the perfect formula.

  1. Making it all about you and not the customer.

No one likes someone who’s always talking about themselves. If your content is constantly pushing your latest promotion or product without adding value to your followers, they won’t stick around. There’s an 80/20 rule you should always follow. 80% of the time you offer some sort of value to your followers. 20% of the time you can post promotional content.

  1. Deleting negative posts.

Sometimes people post negative reviews or complain about a negative event or customer service issue on your page. Deleting these posts backfire. As a general rule, treat negative posts just as you would with a disgruntled customer in your store. You wouldn’t ignore them. Nor would you ban them from the store (unless they became a danger to you, your store or your customers). Pretending the issue doesn’t exist always leads to a bigger problem – especially on social media.

  1. Not responding fast enough to your customer.

When a potential client or customer takes time out of their day to like, comment, post or message you – it’s important to respond to them as fast as possible. Especially if they have an issue they want resolved. On average, your followers expect to hear from you within 4 hours – but brands take on average 10 hours to respond. Don’t be that brand.

  1. Inconsistent updates.

Consistency is key. If you’re not being consistent, you will never make this platform work for you. Pick a regular schedule for sharing and distributing content and stick to it. Keep in mind that you should be posting every day – within 1-3 times a day!

  1. Sharing boring content.

Average low-quality content won’t get you likes, comments or shares. The success of engagement lies in sharing content that catches their attention as they scroll down their Facebook feed. You want your audience to stop, think, question, laugh and engage with your brand. If your content enhances their experience on this social media network, they’ll let you know.


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