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How To Build Interest In Your Business Using A LinkedIn Company Page

Oh, LinkedIn… We love LinkedIn. It’s one of our favourite social media platforms – it’s fantastic for Business-to-Business Marketing. But you’re probably aware of that already. So what can you post on your LinkedIn company page that will get people interested in your business?

Here are a few tips and ideas for your LinkedIn Company Page:

Offer Value:

This is one of the largest pieces of advice you’ll find when it comes to content marketing. You need to offer your audience value – an incentive to click, comment, like share or take any sort of action. Without value, they’re going to scroll right past your posts without notice.

Your value can be educational, entertainment or maybe, it’s emotional. Which leads us to the next concept.

Tell a story:

Whether you’re marketing business-to-customer or business-to-business, people are pulled into posts that offer a good story and a connection. Businesses use the emotional factor to drive people’s interests into your journey and building a connection.

We said in a previous post on building your personal brand, “No one cares about your current success unless they’ve been a part of your journey leading up to it.” This is true for your business brand as well.

When people become interested in your journey, you have the ability to bring that connection to your business based on the needs they have and the value you’re offering.

Share Articles:

Post articles and news on your LinkedIn Company Page that is related to your industry that your audience can relate to and is interested in. Be sure to stay away from anything controversial though and check your sources to ensure you’re giving away truthful information.

Make it personal:

People love sharing posts that have something to do with them or their friends personally. If your business has a number of employees, you could do a quick profile feature on your LinkedIn Company Page every so often and encourage them to share it via their own profiles. This will engage their networks and will expand your reach.

An employee of the month can now be showcased on your page!

Measure your success:

Watch your analytics, your reach, and engagement on your LinkedIn Company Page. If certain posts are working incredibly well, try to post more of those type of posts. If a post isn’t working, be sure not to continue with those type of posts.

You can also try experimenting with writing headlines that have emotion and power words. There are tons of articles out there that can help with this. And who knows… Maybe we’ll post one someday soon!


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