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Is Buying Facebook Likes Beneficial?

Everyone wants to have tons of Facebook likes… It looks awesome to have 10,000 people following you. But is it worth buying those Facebook likes? The answer is no.

We get it… it’s tempting. Your competitor has more likes than you… and it’s so easy to buy those likes for a couple dollars and a few hours later – BAM! You’re “beating” your competitor. But here’s what it all comes down to. Those likes you’re purchasing are fake. Let’s add this to the list of Facebook Marketing Mistakes.

Not only is buying likes not beneficial… But it can also hurt you. Here’s how.

  1. Credibility

People nowadays aren’t easily tricked by big numbers… Anyone can buy likes. Here’s the root of it all. It’s not how many likes you have… It’s what story you’re selling. If you’re not posting interesting content, people aren’t going to stick around.

Furthermore, if a potential follower sees you have a million Facebook likes on your page, but your posts average only a handful of likes… It’s clear that you’ve bought the likes. Posts with little engagement looks way worse than having a smaller amount of likes on your page.

  1. Knowing Your Users

You are able to look at your analytics and learn about who your followers are… How old are they? Where do they live? What are their interests? All this great information that can be used for further marketing opportunities is completely messed up when your users are bought.

  1. EdgeRank

Facebook uses the engagement your page generates to understand how interesting your content is and how many of your fans should see them. Having thousands of inactive, non-engaged users makes Facebook think you’re irrelevant and causes your posts to reach fewer people organically.

  1. Advertising

Once you’ve paid for Facebook likes, every time you boost a post through Facebook Ads, you’re going to waste a lot of money to deliver your ads to those fake users. And there’s no way to filter them out after they’re there. You’re flushing your valuable money right down the drain.

  1. Time

If after all this you decide to purchase those Facebook likes (or maybe you already have), you’re going to spend a lot of your valuable time trying to clean up that mess on your Facebook Page.


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