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Why I Took a Four-Month Sabbatical And How It Changed Our Blog!

Every week I would write one blog post. I did this for a year. (You can check them out here.)

And then we did some rebranding… It started with our emails.

Instead of sending out a once a month email blast with upcoming events and promotions, we started sending out an email once a week with Marketing Value.

But the biggest change was the voice behind it.

Instead of a stuffy, templated email – they got ME. My voice. My awkward, sometimes sarcastic, WAAAYY too much coffee voice.

And the results – AMAZING.

There has been so much more engagement.

Our list has grown 6.5x over and the subscribers – they’ve stuck around.

So once I saw the results from that…. The stuffy old blog posts became…. Well…. Stuffy.

Boring and obsolete. So I stopped.

The question that would play in my mind every week when the “Write Blog Post” task would come up in my To Do List was this…

“Can I just completely rebrand my blog?”

The answer – YES.

But HOW would I change that up? I don’t want to just copy my emails and post them as blog posts.

I need DIFFERENT content. Something Unique. What will I write about?

HOW will I write it? I didn’t want to fall back into old patterns.

That’s why I’ve been MIA when it comes to blogging for four months.

I took four months to think. To reflect. To figure out what my voice would be when it came to educational blog posts. I don’t like producing content just to produce content. It’s not unique and chances are – you (the reader) don’t like reading it.

There’s something called creating an attractive character which comes from the mindset of personal branding which refers to the ability to attract more people to you.

It drives people to:

–         Want to get to know you…

–         Want to follow you…

–         Want to learn from you…

… because they feel you can provide them with value and offer solutions to their business.

In the book “Expert Secrets” Russell Brunson says…

“The key to building your Attractive Character is to understand that people will follow you because you have completed the journey they’re on right now, and they want the result you’ve already achieved.”

To create an attractive character, there are three elements we’re going to focus on for this post.

1.      The Back Story:

You’ll need to share the important elements of your backstory and think about why you’re sharing it. What will you accomplish by sharing it?

2.      Parables:

Take stories from your life and relate them to business. Did something happen to you recently that you learned from? Share these with your audience.

3.      Character Flaws:

Would you rather follow someone who is at 100% all the time or someone who is REAL and GENUINE? Most individuals prefer the genuine posts cover the completely polished. It makes you much more relatable!

Share your character flaws, your mistakes, your challenges and how you learned from them. We all make mistakes, so use those to your advantage.

So now we’re back – or rather… I’m back. And you can expect regular blog posts once again. But this time, it’s going to be real. It’s going to be genuine. It’s going to be my voice.

So long STALE blog posts – Who’s ready to embrace their attractive character?



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