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Hi, I’m

I am the owner of AIM Social Media
Marketing. As an experienced, award-
winning social media strategist and virtual
assistant, my work is focused on supporting
social media managers with their day to day operations - handling administrative tasks
as well as content creation, scheduling and engagement.

Why should you delegate?

It’s easy to burn out and get caught up in
toxic hustle culture. We can’t do everything
if we want to scale. We become maxed out
at a certain point. It’ll become easy to
plateau, you can try passive income but you
may not have time to set up passive
income. Delegating will give you time to
create passive income and work on
growing your business.



One way to know is when you start to feel like you can’t do everything or there are things you dread doing. Maybe you don’t love accounting, maybe you’re not a fan of bookkeeping, or maybe you’re not a fan of writing copy. Whatever you hate doing (write these down!) you can delegate.


The second is when there’s a lot of things you don’t like doing, you just can’t do, or you avoid doing. These tasks show that it’s time to delegate some things on your to do list.

Money Ready

Third is you have the money to start delegating! If funds are available to delegate you’re investing back into your business and trusting it to grow.

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How do you delegate?

Start with a time study of what you do throughout the week. Mark off what helps you grow your business, what are the things that can be done by somebody else, what needs to be systemized, what can be automated, make sure to look at your whole time study.

Record Everything you do.
Talk yourself through the process. Explain it to the camera. Make thee videos SOPs. You can hand these SOPs to the people you’re going to delegate it too. You may need to redo and explain yourself more down the road.

Write down your ideal week.
What are the things you’re doing every week, what are the things that make the most sense. This could look like client calls on Tuesdays, CEO days on Thursdays, and all of that! Why CEO days? CEO days are days to work on your business to help it grow and thrive.

Hire Help!
Now it’s time to hire a virtual assistant or another type of help your business needs. You can utilize the SOPs you wrote to delegate tasks.

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