How to Prepare for a Discovery Call

Discovery calls are the scariest yet most rewarding part of our job. This is where we make the first impression, become vulnerable, and solve the client’s problems! This all happens within an hour. How crazy, right? 

Preparation is necessary to get the most out of these short calls. How you prepare yourself for the call will either make or break you. Do you want to know the secret to prepare for one? Become a student. Yes, you read that right. Let’s take it back to our high school days and prepare like a student for a test. Here’s how I do that.


When preparing for a discovery call, you must study! Just like a student would spend hours studying for a final, we need to put in just as much effort for our discovery calls. 

The Client

We must first study the potential client. This means them personally. Look at their social media pages, what they like, their tone, and their behavior. When you study how the person is, their beliefs, and their tone, you will know how to respond to them on the calls. You will also know what boundaries to keep and what they are searching for just through this little bit of studying. 

The Potential Business 

Next, you will need to study the potential business. Look at their business accounts and deep dive into who they are, what they stand for, and why they do what they do. This will give you an idea of what they need from you. 


The Potential Business’s Needs

After you study the business, you can begin researching their needs. What are they lacking? What are they strong in? What needs to be changed? Study up on where they are at and where they are going. This will help you put together a portfolio to show them exactly how your business will help them. 

Businesses Like Theirs

Next, you should research businesses like theirs. This will help you get a better understanding of their competition and the market around them. See what is working for others and take this into account to try with this potential client. Study up on ways to make this client shine in their market.

Your Business

You have to study up on your own business. Weird to say, right? But to properly be prepared, you must study up on your value, your drive, and be able to properly present this to the potential client. Spend a bit of time studying you and your business because YOU are what sells, not your product. 


Remember when we had to do speeches in front of the class? We spent hours determining what we would say so we do not mess up or leave anything out. We should handle this the same way. 

Write A Script

The best thing you can do for yourself is to take your research and put it all in a script. This will help you set up a good tone and a strong opener to your proposal. 

Role Play

Write down every possible question you may be asked and practice answering them to the best of your ability. Try to think like a potential client. This is where all that studying comes in handy. 


Practice your speech as much as possible before your discovery call. Speak to yourself in the mirror to see your facial expressions and watch your tone. This will help you see how you look to others, so you do not accidentally come off in a way you aren’t meaning. 

Take the Test

This is the part where all your preparation comes into play!

Prepare Your Equipment

Before hopping on a discovery call, go ahead and prepare your equipment. Test your mic and camera and make sure the link to your call is working correctly. This will save time and effort trying to fix something last minute. 

Keep Notes

It’s so easy to have a blank mind during a discovery call. Keep notes in front of you to draw you back into what you need to be saying. Notes are a beneficial way to tell your potential client everything in one call. 

Be Yourself

The best way to prepare yourself is just to be yourself. The clients that are meant for you will like you because you are you. So breathe and remember that you were made for this. You got this!

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