How to Repurpose Short Form Videos Across Multiple Platforms

How to Repurpose Short Form Videos Across Multiple Platforms

With the continued explosive growth of short form videos online, multiple social media platforms have now launched their own features to mimic Tiktok. From Instagram reels to Youtube shorts and Pinterest idea pins, there’s never been a better time to multiply the viral effects of a single short form video by repurposing it across multiple platforms.

Repurposing Short Form Videos Like Reels on Multiple Platforms

First, why should you repurpose videos?

The simple answer: creating videos is a lot of work! Even creating a 30 second or 1 minute Instagram reel or Tiktok video can take a surprising amount of time and effort, so why wouldn’t you want to maximize the reach and results of all the content you create?

Not only that, but repurposing your short form videos on multiple social media platforms allows you to create one piece of content and multiply the benefits and reach while showing it to new and different audiences.

Platforms are pushing video content heavily in their algorithms, so now is a great time to benefit from the increased reach and engagement of creating original video content.

What platforms can you post short form videos on?

At this point, most social media platforms have hopped on the short video bandwagon in order to keep up with the rising popularity of Tiktok and stay relevant in a quickly changing online world. From Instagram reels and Facebook to Pinterest idea pins, Youtube shorts, and Tiktok itself, you can find a home for your short form videos on many different sites now.

That is a LOT of different platforms to tackle as a one-person business, so I would recommend only posting on all of these if you have a team supporting you. This is something my team of virtual assistants can help you with.

Tips for filming content with repurposing in mind

Before you start repurposing, it might help to go over a few tips for intentionally filming content with future repurposing in mind. Sure, you can repurpose the content you’ve already posted, but there are a few tricks that can make your life easier in the future by preparing in advance.

First, the easiest videos to repurpose are ones with original audio such as talking or voiceovers. These can easily be shared to multiple platforms without having to try to find the same song or audio.

Next, if you can, film the content directly on your phone so you have access to the original, unwatermarked files. You can still edit the videos with a video editing app like InShot to add your own text and titles.

Finally, regular video content is easier to repurpose than ones that have platform-specific filters, effects, or stickers added. This is also something that can be added with a video editing app if needed.

The basic steps for repurposing short videos

At this point, you might be wondering how to repurpose your videos. Can you just download them from Tiktok and repost them somewhere else? Not so fast!

First, the point of repurposing these videos is to take your own content and post them on other platforms (not other people’s videos). Also, many platforms don’t let you directly download videos from them in order to prevent unwanted theft.

If you have a copy of your own original video without a watermark, you can upload that directly to the different platforms and go through their individual uploading process.

But if you don’t have the original videos (for example, you might have shot and edited a video directly through Tiktok), then you can use a third party downloading tool like or IG Downloader for Instagram reels and SnapTik for Tiktok. These tools will let you choose a link from Instagram or Tiktok, copy and paste the URL into their tool, and then download the watermark-free video to your computer.

From here, you may need to mute the audio if it involves any copyrighted music or sounds. You can do this easily in Quicktime Player by opening a file and going to Edit – Remove Audio, or you can edit the video in a video editing program of your choice (InShot is a good mobile editing app).

Finally, upload your video to each platform you choose, keeping your audience and goals in mind. Be sure to add an interesting title, description, and keywords or tags where appropriate.

If you’d like help with this whole process (it can be a little tricky), be sure to reach out to my team of virtual assistants!

Mistakes to avoid when repurposing videos

It probably goes without saying that you should only be posting your own content or content that you have explicit permission to use, but make sure you aren’t making any of these other potential repurposing mistakes!

A lot of the popularity of Tiktok and Instagram reels comes from trending sounds or music, but this is a little tricky when it comes to repurposing because a particular sound or song might only be available on one platform and not others due to licensing agreements.

If you don’t own the copyright to a sound or song and you can’t find it for use on other platforms, you should probably mute the audio or repurpose a different video with your own original audio instead.

Finally, many platforms don’t like seeing watermarked content from other sites being posted on their platform and can decrease your reach for this. (I’m looking at you, Instagram and Tiktok!). For that reason, you’ll want to upload the original, unwatermarked video whenever possible.

Short form video content like reels and Tiktok videos are continuing to see incredible reach and viral potential. This really is the golden era of short form video! With a little extra work, you can take one video and post it onto multiple social media platforms to reap the benefits of higher engagement and views.

If you need help with repurposing your Instagram reels or Tiktok videos, my team of social media virtual assistants can support you with this!

If you’re ready to get started, click here to fill out an application and learn more about hiring us.

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