How to Reuse Content

How to Reuse Content

Are you looking to reuse your old social media content? If you’re not you should be! Reusing social media content from your own page is a great way to save you time. Not every post that you post get’s seen by your whole audience for so many reasons. The algorithm won’t always show every single post to every single person and you get new followers often so you have followers who haven’t even seen all your content yet. So your old content is still new content to some people and for the followers that have seen it it’s a helpful refresh! Once you get the hang of reusing content it can be a great tool in your fight to avoid burn out in your business and social media life. Are you ready to learn more about reusing content? Let’s get started.

The best content too reuse is your previously top performing content. You should be checking your insights often to help with planning already, but if you haven’t checked yet this is a great time to start. Which insights should you be checking for when your goal is reusing content?

Any of these:

  1. Reach
  2. Engagement (Likes/Comments)
  4. Follows
  5. Website Clicks

The exact insights will depend on what your goal is for your content currently, but you should be open to reviewing all the different insights around this old content.

Once you’ve reviewed all your old insights you can pick which top performing content you want to reuse. You can choose based off the previous insights, your current social media goals, and how this content applies now to your current business goals and model. If you created this content in a Canva account you should be able to go back into Canva and resave it, otherwise you can save the content (and the captions) directly from the social media platform you posted it from. If the content is on tiktok you can use websites like snaptik to download without the tiktok logo so it can be posted across other platforms as well. There’s many different ways to save content for reusing it, but finding it back in your editing apps (if it’s not a photo or video) is a great way to give yourself the opportunity to edit any previous mistakes and update to current information.

Have you rebranded since you posted the content you’re reusing? Maybe information has changed or the previous graphic had some typos. That’s okay! If the content was made in Canva or another editing app that you still have access too you can change the colours and fonts to match your new branding. In Canva you’ll just search the name of the file (if you don’t remember you can also search a sentence, phrase, etc that was in the piece of content to help you find it as well). Once you’ve found it open it up and open your new colour palette and font choices. Then you’ll change existing elements, typography, and backgrounds to match your new branding using those colours and fonts. Remember if nothing changed or you simply loved the old content as is that you don’t have to change a thing and can save and post it as is. Transforming your content to match your current branding is always optional. The magic of reusing content is you can make it take as little time as possible or update it to add new and exciting magical touches. Once your content is edited (or not edited) you’re ready for the next step.

What about video content or photography content? You can reuse these as well! You have two options for video content, you can take a new video (or reuse a more recent video) and reuse the text or you can reuse the whole video with text. You can also make future content recycling simpler for yourself by saving these videos to your phone (both with and without text) to use again. Photography content just needs to be saved (or refound on your device) to be posted again to be enjoyed by your audience.

It’s time to get that content on to your social pages and viewed by an audience once again! Whether you want to post to Instagram, Facebook, Linkedin, TikTok, Pinterest, Youtube or beyond you now have two choices. You can either post each post as you go or schedule all of this repurposed content. You can schedule using apps like Metasuite,, Metricool, Hootsuite, Planoly, Sendible, or even in Canva itself. You can choose to reuse old captions or rewrite the your copy based on your current goals and values. Choosing to schedule this reusable content may save you even more valuable time that you could use to work on your business (or just to relax). You can use these scheduling tools to schedule this content not just to one social media platform but across all the platforms you currently utilize (and any you’re ready to conquer). You can then use most of these apps to review the insights these reused content bring you the second time around.

Are you ready to reuse your content? You’ve checked your insights, given it all a save, edited anything that needed adjusting, and now you’re ready to schedule or post straight onto your social media page. Which content are you most excited to reuse of yours?

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