How to Use Social Media to Build a Better Following

Are you struggling with gaining followers on your accounts? Do you need help with how to get more followers? Keep on reading to find out some ways to improve your social media accounts on all platforms.


The bio on your accounts is important for people first discovering your account and aren’t familiar with your business. Some of the key information that to include in a bio is the following:

  • Name of the business
  • A brief description of what type of business you operate
    • It could also be your business slogan or mission/goal
  • Contact information such as email or phone number
    • Giving consumers the convenience of contacting you easily
  • Store Address
  • Your Website URL 
    • If others want to find out more about your business, they can click to learn more


Next, we must look at the posts you have on your account. I want you to ask yourself these three questions:

  1. Do your posts have a consistent theme?
  2. Are the captions short and informative?
  3. Are you taking advantage of hashtags and the optimal time to post on Instagram?

If you are unsure of your answer? No worries. We are here to help small businesses like yourself be successful and reach their goals. Having a constant theme that is aesthetically pleasing is crucial nowadays because most individuals enjoy looking at a feed that is eye-pleasing. A tip to incorporate is using your brand colors in all your posts or using the same filter for all your posts. 

With posts, the captions are equally important. You must take advantage and have at least three hashtags that align with what the post is about. The number of hashtags depends on what platform you’re using, so be sure to research best practices. Also, using engaging questions in your captions will encourage people to comment on your posts. This will tell algorithms that your content is interesting and should be shared with more people. 

To gain more followers, you must give followers a need /incentive for them to follow you. One of the ways to gain followers quickly is running a contest. To win, a participant must follow your account and repost it on their story. This is a cheap and effective way to increase the shares of your post. Participants are sharing your post on their platform, which in turn may give you more followers and potentially more brand awareness for your small business. 


Lastly, taking advantage of the unique tools and features that each platform has to offer. For example, on Instagram, you can use Instagram lives, IGTV, reels, stories, highlights, and product catalogs. All these amazing features allow you to give more information to your followers. Using at least three of the features frequently will gain you more followers over time and help you be more involved with others online. Switching up the format of your content will keep people engaged and coming back for more.


Consistency is key in reaching a larger following. Having a social media scheduling tool for your posts is useful for individuals who don’t want to worry about it every day and want to be ensured that a post is going up as scheduled. Buffer is a good option for newcomers. This software is easy and efficient to use. 

You want an engaging community where they like and share your posts with others, which may give you another follower to the community. Always check your analytics on your account to see which posts are performing well, and adjust your strategy as needed.

For more information on how to build a better following on your Instagram, set up a call with us to learn more about services we can offer you and your business!

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