How To Write Great Content

What makes good written content?

There are so many opinions on this… which makes sense. The best content isn’t just one thing. And what works for one industry or target audience, doesn’t work for another.

There are common suggestions, like…

  • Avoid writing large paragraphs of copy with no spaces or breaks.
  • Writing articles with headlines or numbered lists perform better.
  • Spacing social media posts (and emails) out can help with easy reading.

There are some things that create outstanding copy – no matter what industry you’re in.

In The Know

What does your audience want to know? How can you educate them on your industry, product, or service? Address their common questions to help educate them on the WHY. Why do they need your product or service?

Address Your Audiences Concerns.

What is your target audience struggling with? What are their holdups when it comes to your product or service? Shine light on those things.

Simple Is Best.

Sometimes we get so caught up in our industry jargon that we forget that most people don’t understand what we’re talking about. The best way to lose people is to confuse them.

You don’t have to overcomplicate things – you might actually miss the obvious points that will convince your audience to take action.

The Perfect Length

How long should my posts be? Answer: However long they need to be. Not a sentence longer or shorter.

There is no hard or set rule (outside of character limits) – but every industry and audience is different. Test shorter and longer content to see what performs best.

Your Voice Matters.

The best content is content with personality. It’s the content that sounds just like you. Authenticity is a huge part of this.

We have an authenticity challenge you can access, completely for free.

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