Learn how to make a minimum of $10-$20k a month WITHOUT burning out!

Are you a social media manager, virtual assistant, copywriter, graphic designer, or freelancer?
This course is for you!

There are hundreds of courses that teach you how to grow your business or manage your mental health… But when I started looking for something like this, I realized there weren’t many options out there.

In this course, we focus on two aspects…


Growing your business


Managing your mental health


In October 2014, I sat down in front of my laptop and decided I needed to find a job I could do online.
I had taken a social media marketing class earlier in the year and LOVED it.

So, I decided to make a go of it! What's the worst that could happen....... right?
I grew my business to my first 10k month... Whoo-hoo!!

And promptly burnt out because I had no systems, no team, and no sustainability.

I was a victim to Hustle Culture.

I thought I had to work 130 hours a week, skip on sleep, and eat dinner in front of the computer to be successful.

It took me a year or two (and one hospitalization) to learn how to run a business successfully WITHOUT burnout. And now I want to share all that I learned with all of you!

In this course, you will learn…

Mindset - how it affects your business and your mental health!

Preventing Burnout - how you can grow your business while taking care of yourself.

Strategies to grow and scale - Ways to work smarter, not necessarily harder.

Discovery Call Mastery - overcoming anxiety and turning each call into a sale!

Systems and Procedures - staying organized and on top of deadlines without falling behind.

Revenue Generating Tasks - tasks that bring in more leads and clients

Handling Anxiety - how to handle the inevitable anxiety that comes with running a business.

Prioritizing - determine what is important and what can be delegated

Work / Life Balance - working all the time isn’t required for success.

Planning and Overcoming Bad Days - every day doesn’t have to be a right off.

Boundaries - how to design your business and life by design.

AND BONUS: We supply you with…

Video Modules




Swipe Files

Facebook Community


This course was originally created for virtual assistants and social media managers who want to grow an agency - but provides support for other freelancers including copywriters and graphic designers.

The cost is a one-time fee of $499. You have unlimited access and lifetime access to the course.

The course is built into a membership site where you can track your progress!

Once you learn these skills, you’ll be able to build a sustainable business that can handle regular $10 - $20k months (at a minimum)!

I would like to personally invite you to our free Facebook group where we talk about all these sorts of things regularly. I drop additional trainings in there weekly!

You can join here.

The course can be done in a day or two… But I recommend you watch each module and follow the action steps given. This will help you implement what you’re learning.

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