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Seven Ways To Spark Content Creation Inspiration

Are you stuck for inspiration when it comes to posting content on your social media? We’ve been there. With 10+ clients, sometimes content gets stale or you simply can’t come up with fresh ideas without doing a little research. Kind of like writer’s block for content creation.

Here’s our top seven ways CRUSH that Content Block (yes, we just made that up).


Pinterest is one of the easiest ways to find inspiration and one of our favourites. Type in the industry you’re looking for and browse Pinterest’s top ins. If you use Pinterest for your company already, go into your analytics and look at what the top interests are of your followers.


Same concept as Pinterest. You can even try typing in things like “[Your Industry] Quotes” or “[Your Industry] Influencers” for additional ideas! Just remember not to steal other people’s content and pass it off as your own work without permission.


Who are your top competitors? If you haven’t already, make a list of your top five competitors as well as the top five companies like yours that you would aspire to be like. What are they doing? Can you take a concept and create your own take on it? Be sure not to copy what they’re doing though. You will simply look like a copycat!


Every single morning, we sit down with a coffee and spend about half an hour flipping through articles on Flipboard related to our industry AND the industries we work with. You set up a feed by typing in keywords related to your industry. Then you can share the articles right through the app, or save them into magazines for later on!


What is trending on Facebook? Twitter? Google? You can subscribe to receive the trending topics list right to your inbox. We get Twitter’s trending topics four times a day. It’s a time saver and participating in trending topics is a great marketing tactic!


You know those random holidays you see mentioned on social media all the time? There are actual calendars and lists of these holidays you can find online or even subscribe to for your Google Calendar. Thanks, Sprout Social and HubSpot!


Similar to Competitors, take a look at what other people are doing who are using the same hashtags. For example, we would go to Instagram and type in the hashtag #SocialMediaMarketing to see what others are posting and then create our own spin on it.


Still stuck on content? We love content calendars that give you content ideas for every day of the month. Here’s a FREE content calendar we made specifically for people like YOU.


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