Tips for a Social Media Vacation

Tips for a Social Media Vacation

Are you feeling burned out? Are you ready to go on a vacation? It can be easy to get caught up in hustle culture and work a little too hard. When we post as often as we tend to as businesses or influencers on social media it can be easy to become over-worked and under-motivated. A social media vacation can be the pause you need to refresh your ideas and your motivation or maybe you just want to go on a literal vacation. You need a break sometimes and you can take one without risking your social media presence. I’m going to walk you through some of my favourite tips for taking a vacation from social media, whether or not you’re going on a real vacation.

Tip #1: Set Up For Success.

Plan your vacation ahead of time. Include a start and end date to help both you and your followers know when you’ll be gone and how long you’ll be. If you can take advantage of slow periods of time online so that you’re missing even less during your social media break.

Tip #2: Batch Create Content.

Batch creating content is great to do regularly, but even better to do when you’re taking a vacation. You should batch enough for not only the time you’ll be gone but a week before and after as well. You can create your carousels, quotes, and engagement questions ahead of time on Canva and video content on your phone so that you’re ready for our next tip. If you want your batch session to go smoothly as possible write a list of all the content you’ll need, the topics you want to cover, and any other previous prep you have for the content. Write your captions for these posts as well as plan their hashtags and keywords ahead of time.

Tip #3: Schedule Your Posts.

You can schedule content in apps like Sendible, Later, Metricool, Hootsuite, and Business Suite. Schedule social media posts for Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, Tik Tok, and more to stay active without having to be glued to your phone. All the content you batched from the previous tip can be scheduled and most can be auto-published through these tools. Try sticking to content that can be auto-published if you want to keep completely off your phone. 

Tip #4: Give a Little Warning.

Before you go on vacation take a little time to notify your clients and customers when you’ll be away. This gives them time to reach you before you leave and lets them know when they can reach you after. This is a great time to tie up any loose ends or open proposals before you take your social media break. Giving a week’s notice is a good amount of time. Remember not every follower will see every post or story so it may take the full week for some people to be aware.

Tip #5: Create an Automatic Message.

On most apps, you can create an automatic message (make sure to create one for your email as well) that you can personalize and change. If you’re not currently using one you can start fresh with an “on vacation” message, if you already have one add to your current one that you’re away and when you’ll be back. Your automatic message should include how to reach you (if your business may have emergencies) or who to reach, the start and end time of your vacation, and any business details you’d like to include.

Tip #6: Get Organized.

Take time before your vacation to get organized. Your after-vacation self will be thankful for the extra prep you did closing up deals, finishing work, and planning you did for your big come back after your vacation. You can use trello, canva, or pen and paper to get all your to dos, tasks, and appointments sorted before you take your vacation.

Tip #7: Make an After Vacation Plan

We talked in the previous tip about getting organized and part of that should include a plan for once you’re back. This plan can include what you want to work on next, who you need to call, where you need to check for updates, and all the details you don’t want to miss but don’t want on your mind during your time off. You can keep your after vacation plan somewhere where you won’t lost it, but also won’t be distracted by it during your break.

Tip #8: Turn Off Notifications.

Once you’re all set up for your vacation turn off your notifications on day one! If you keep your notifications on you may be tempted to sneak a peek. You don’t want to get sweeped up in a conversation with a client or a possible client. If it’s possible to put your phone on silent you can do that, otherwise turn off notifications for separate social media apps through their individual settings. If you can’t turn off notifications or you’re too tempted even with them off you can uninstall social media apps. Before you delete certain apps (like Instagram) make sure you save your drafts. When you uninstall or update Instagram will delete the reels and posts in your drafts.

Tip #9: Keep a List.

You might get ideas for your business during your Social Media Vacation. Don’t work on your vacation keep a list or note with all those ideas. You can use them for a batch creating session once you’re back from break. The ideas can always wait, but you may be scared that you’ll forget them once you’re back. Writing them (or typing them) somewhere safe can help you feel calm during your break.

Tip #10: Have Fun!

The most important thing is to make sure you have fun! Don’t check those notifications and trust that it’s okay to take a break sometimes. You deserve and need to play as hard as you work.

Now you’re ready for a social media vacation(even if you’re staying home). It’s so essential to take breaks so enjoy it and make sure you take another one in the future. 

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