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Why Are Using Testimonials Important For Your Business?

In the world we live in today, we have all the information imaginable is at our fingertips. So, it makes sense that buyers these days are more educated than ever and conduct massive amounts of research before making a purchase. Product reviews and testimonials can make all the difference when acquiring more sales – especially in the land of B2B. Their importance is what makes them absolutely necessary for your website and social media!

Why Testimonials?

What makes testimonials so important? To sum it up quickly… it’s the educated customer. Most users do a great deal of online digging and research about a company before even reaching out to the company to begin the purchasing process.

They like to see how a product has helped or benefitted a similar company. This is where testimonials come into play. As a B2B owner or marketer, the best thing you can do is shed some light on what your current clients are saying so that new buyers develop a deeper interest in your product.

Think of it this way… your potential customers are doing the research anyway… so why not make it easy for them? By providing your product and service reviews in an easy to find place on your website, you are speeding along the purchasing process which could potentially lead to a faster sale!

Testimonials increase Credibility and Authority

Most industries these days have countless businesses competing for the same types of customers and clients. These same businesses can all claim to be an expert in their field – – even if they aren’t. When prospective customers have little information to go on, they don’t really know who’s being authentic and who isn’t.

By placing a quote from an actual customer who has direct experience with a business it verifies your claim and can diminish any skepticism. You will have an advantage over any competitor who is without testimonials.

Explains Specific Benefits

When a potential customer is deciding to purchase a product or service, they’re wondering if it will solve a problem for them or benefit them in some way. By having testimonials that state a specific benefit of the product or solved a problem for them, it will help your customer come to a purchasing decision faster.

But how can these testimonials turn into more leads?

This is where social media comes into play.

Social Sharing

Once you’ve collected positive testimonials from other organizations and added them to your website, it’s time to incorporate them into your online marketing strategy. By sharing the testimonials on your social media, your existing audience will be able to see the new testimonials. And if they aren’t customers already, they might be more inclined.

You can also look at doing paid advertising on social media sites (we specifically recommend Facebook). You can target your exact customer base based on demographics, geographic location, and even interests or behaviours!

If they weren’t already following you, they might now – and they might become interested after reading the reviews!


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