Ways to Write Emails that People Will Actually Respond to

How many times have you checked your email, only to find what seems like hundreds of spam emails?

Chances are, they aren’t spam messages. Email writers like yourself have poured time and energy into opening them, but the copy just isn’t quite doing what it needs to. 

Now that you’ve put yourself in your reader’s perspective, think about how you write and send your emails. Are you writing too much, too little, or just enough? Do you have an eye-catching header and subject line? Do you know your audience? 

All these are valid points to consider when writing emails. Here are a few tips on how to write some that people will respond to.  

  1. Write an eye-catching subject and header. 

When writing any type of email, you should be writing eye-catching subjects and headers that people are automatically paying attention to. Write in a way that engages them from the start. It doesn’t have to be fancy, either. Anything will work as long as it relates to what your email is about. Remember, you are trying to get people to open your message and follow through with your request or call to action – a simple “Are you ready?” will not suffice. 

  1. Write from your gut. 

Rather than trying to develop an elaborate content strategy, write from your gut. As a business owner, you want to be authentic and genuine in every email you send – especially if your goal is to sell something by sending it. Your potential customers are just as interested in learning about you as they are your product; you are your brand, which is what will ultimately be your selling point. 

This also creates transparency between yourself and both your current and potential clients. When they feel like they can get to know who you are and what you stand for, they are more likely to purchase your products or services. Essentially, the more “you” you can be when writing emails for your business, the better. 

  1. Be concise wherever possible. 

This is perhaps the most important thing to do when writing emails. Put yourself in your reader’s shoes again. Would you want to spend five minutes reading an email in the middle of your busy day? Probably not. The more information you can fit in shorter words, the better. After all, the average person’s attention span is only about 9 seconds.

Before you start writing your email, be sure to nail down the who, what, when, where, and why of whatever you’re writing about:

  • Who is your target audience? 
  • What message are you trying to convey? Are you selling a product or providing educational content? 
  • When should they take action on what you’re promoting? 
  • Where can they find out more information? 
  • Why should they care about what’s in this email? 
  1. Have a clear call to action. 

When you get done writing the body of your email, the reader should always be left with something to look towards or do. Think back to the what, when, and why questions you just read about. Creating a sense of urgency is a great way to make readers act on your call to action. Give them a reason to click the link! 

Ready to venture out on your own to write emails? If not, that’s okay! After reading through these tips, you may be feeling a bit overwhelmed. But, don’t worry. At AIM Social, we specialize in writing emails people open. In fact, we can write any type of email you need. Find more about our services here!

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