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[Soap Opera Sequence] Telling A Story And Converting Leads Using Email Marketing.

Isn’t email marketing dead? We get asked this ALL. THE. TIME. Our answer is always the same… Absolutely not.

What is dead is the same old, boring email newsletters that companies push out once a month… you know the ones that provide no value. It’s all about what they did during the month with some small coupon at the end. It’s not even worth opening it, so you just delete it.

So how do we create a culture within our emails that makes people excited when they see your email in their inbox? How do we get them to click on the email – or better yet… Click on the links within the email?

Catchy subject lines are key – you can read more on that here.

But the key to being successful with your email marketing is to create a relationship with your readers. So, when you’re emailing, make sure you’re writing to the individual person – not to your entire email list.

Obviously, make sure you’re addressing your readers with their first name. Make sure that you’re providing value, entertaining and engaging with your readers.

But there’s a specific strategy that we use that helps build a “personal relationship” with your readers. It’s not our strategy – it’s a strategy called a Soap Opera Sequence created by Russell Brunson. He outlines it in his book, DOT COM Secrets.

With this strategy, you send out one email a day for five days. Here’s the break down:

Email #1: Set the Stage

Make sure the first email does not come across as boring. You need to connect with your user immediately, so the ideal thing to do first is to introduce yourself. Make yourself sound interesting. What’s unique about what you do? What can you present that will make them want to read more? Maybe there’s a secret you can present that will get them hooked.

If they’ve signed up to your email list with a lead magnet – make sure you include the download link within this email. We’re a huge fan of including an explanation that they will get 1 email for 5 days in a row – but after that, you’ll slow down and email them (once a week, once a month, etc.).

Email #2: High Drama

Now that you’ve got their attention, this is where the selling process begins. After introducing yourself, you can start with a back story. Is there something you can discuss that maybe changed your business for the better? Maybe any conflict or issues you’ve had in the past. Being authentic and a little vulnerable in this email can really pull at the heart strings and create a personal connection with your reader.

 Email #3: The Epiphany

Now you’re halfway there! You still have their attention and they’re ready to read more. You’ve introduced your product and more importantly, they like you. They find your story interesting and want to learn more about how you’ve accomplished so much and overcame any conflict you’ve been through.

Now it’s time to include an epiphany. Explain something that you realized, which could be a valuable trick you came up with that improved your business. Now users not only understand the value of your product, but they are able to connect with you emotionally.

Email #4: The Hidden Benefits

The reader is now essentially learning how your product works and your ideal customer. But they need to realize if it’s working for them. By using a customer persona, list the ways your product can directly help your leads. From this email, readers begin to realize that your product is what they’ve needed all along. Because of this, make sure to provide a link for them to contact you and make a purchase.

Email #5: The Call to Action

This is the last email in the series, but not the last email they will ever receive from you. By now, readers have learned about your product and have connected with you personally. Now is your chance to include special offers, with a sense of urgency that will drive them to purchase your product immediately.

Now you have built a personal connection with your readers. They’ll be expecting to hear from you again, so be sure to email them weekly (or monthly). But don’t leave them too long. Relationships take consistent communication and engagement!

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