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Utilize our full-service email marketing agency to help propel your business to a new level of marketing. Our top-rated virtual assistant services and email marketing services will help you boost your email marketing success and send better and more effective email campaigns. You can achieve higher open rates by doing this – soaring your business into a success.

These are just a few things of many we can help you and your business with. Reach out to us today to implement email marketing strategies without wasting time and company resources.

i. Boost Your Email Marketing Success with Our Full-Service Email Marketing Services

Boost your Email Marketing Success with our Full-Service Email Marketing Services! Email marketing has the highest return on investment (ROI) out of all forms of marketing, although many business owners look down on using it. For every email you send with this high ROI, you will get $36 back.

Email marketing also allows you to send out targeted and personalized content. It will enable us to cater the email directly to your audience, rather than sending them a generic email blast they are not likely to open – much less read. Plus, when you send out content that your potential customers can relate to, they are more likely to follow your call to action. When we use our full-service email marketing services, we can assure you that we will deliver a personalized, valuable message to your audience – right down to the subject lines. While we're sending your following these unique emails, we will also be boosting your overall business presence!

Curious about how our full-service email marketing services can help you? Click here to read about our different offerings and how they can help you! Curious about our rates? Click here to check out our email marketing services price!

ii. Browse Our Email Marketing Management Services <<< start here tomorrow

  • Email Automations. This service includes setting up automated emails. We can schedule to go out when you prefer, cutting out the need to spend your time scheduling and setting up the automation yourself. Every automation we create is done in a program called Active Campaign. 
  • Writing Email Sequences. To set up email sequences, we will first participate in an interview with you to get a sense of what you are looking for out of our services and who you are as a person. From that, we write the email sequences and schedule them out based on your specified needs or preferences. Your customers will be engaged from the first email with the content we can provide. 
  • Repurposing Content Into Emails. We can repurpose your previously created content into emails to go out to your customers by taking your previously created content. This can include already written blogs, interviews with you, or transcribing your videos or audio into content for emails. That's not all, either. We can take your marketing materials, lead magnets, or anything else you have created and turn it into a phenomenal email sequence that will have the customers signing up for your offers like crazy! 
  • Creating Email Newsletters. This includes taking repurposing content already provided and creating professional newsletters. We will customize the materials to match your specific brand voice and style by using content creation and graphic design. We can also help you make any changes to your brand voice that you want if you do not have an established one yet.
  • Writing Follow-Up and Delivery Emails. Is sending follow-up and delivery emails a large part of your business? Our email management services can also help take care of this task, which is often tedious and time-consuming. These emails are an essential task, though. By following up with people on your list who aren't opening your emails, you can increase your conversion rates – turning those potential customers into actual customers!  

Wouldn't it be nice to be able to focus on other aspects of your business while we handle the rest?

If you want to learn more about how you can get emails for your business, click here to contact us about our services!

iii. Want To Reduce Your Email Marketing Work?

It's no lie that most people tend to shy away from email marketing, especially considering how long it may take to write, draft, edit, re-write, and add in any extra media to the email – not to mention putting it into your automation system of choice. This process can be time-consuming, tedious, and even overwhelming at times. Let us take that stress off your plate with our top-rated email marketing services, giving you that time back to do work on the tasks you want to be accomplishing.

Curious about this or have some additional questions? Please feel free to book a call here with AIM Social to learn more about how we can help you reduce your email marketing work with our full-service email marketing services!

iv. Our Full-service Email Marketing Agency Have Everything That Your Business Needs

Our full-service email marketing agency has everything that tour business needs to grow and thrive!

No matter whether you find yourself overloaded by emails that you have to send and reply to, or if you're just overwhelmed by the idea of email marketing, we can help you.

Want to learn more about just how we can help you? Click here to check out our email marketing services price!

v. How Our Email Marketing Management Services Works?

We use ActiveCampaign to automate all of your email marketing in a quick, efficient, and organized manner. However, if you have a system you love, we can work with that too! The only thing that matters to us is creating an efficient automated system to send high-quality emails to your customer base.

With our email marketing management services, we can pull content from your website, blog, videos, podcast, or an interview we do with you. We can take that content already and repurpose it into emails to go out to your customers. This way, if you have strong copy on your platforms already, we can reuse it to make an even more robust email marketing strategy for you. It also presents the information you already have in a new and fresh way.

Once the content is done, we will reach out to you to view and approve it. Once you have approved the content, we will upload it to ActiveCampaign or your preferred email scheduling and automation service.

Any content we write is compiled into a Google Doc and uploaded to a Trello board (the content planning platform we use), meaning you have access to it at any point once it has been finished. Our clients love this method, as it allows them to stay updated on what's going on with their email marketing at all times.

To assure further accuracy of our services, we can send out a test email for your final approval at that point. Sending out a test email lets you see how your customers and recipients will view the email and assures that the email is going out exactly how you want it. One of the essential parts of our email marketing process is ensuring that nothing was missed in the creation and automation of the emails.

Doesn't this process sound easy, seamless, and stress-reducing?

We thought so.

One of the main goals for our email management services is to reduce the amount of time you're spending on the tedious parts of your business, instead focusing on growing your online presence. Are you interested in learning more?

Book a call here with AIM Social to learn more about how we can help you reduce your email marketing work with our full-service email marketing services!

vi. Why Choose AIM For Your Email Marketing Campaign

So, why should you choose our email marketing services?

Not only do we have excellent client reviews, but we also have the statistics to back them up.

Nichole, the owner and founder of AIM Social, was able to grow an email list by 85.11% while maintaining an average open rate of 40.22%. She did this in just under three months!

But, how?

By changing the conversation, she was having with her customers. Instead of sending your average email, she has developed a foolproof process to grow your email list while maintaining your open rates in the process – all by the age of 25.

We can do the same for you with our top-rated email marketing services! Contact us today to learn more about our email marketing management services. As soon as you do that, we can start helping you grow your email list and open rates!

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