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See what Our Clients Have To Say

We have many happy clients from around the USA and Canada, see what they have to say about us!

We at Supreme Restoration Services Inc. have been using the services of AIM Social Media Marketing for eight months now and I have to say that they have exceeded my expectations to date.  We had talked for some time, prior to engaging the services of Nichole Howson and her team that we felt we should start getting serious about social media.   It was important to heighten our visibility in the community and increase brand awareness, gain customer insight, increase the traffic to our website and of course generate leads.  Thanks to AIM Social we feel we have made a great deal of progress in achieving these goals.  I would not hesitate for a moment to recommend Nichole and her team to other companies that are looking to use social media as an added tool to their current marketing strategy.

Dan Radmore - President at Supreme Restoration Services Inc.

AIM Social Media Marketing has been an excellent company for getting the word out about our products.  AIM sets goals at the onset as well as revising those goals as milestones are achieved.  AIM Social is very imaginative, resourceful and self-motivated to find ways to reach our target audience. They are also very efficient with using software to reach different social media platforms in one step.  Schedules, calendars, award programs, information communication are all prepared professionally and timely.  We are very pleased with the quality, content and progress of AIM Social Media Marketing and cannot imagine working with any other social media company.

Russ Wilson - President at Dreamscape Outdoor Living & Garden Inc.

AIM Social Media Marketing has been a life-saver. As sole proprietor of my personal training company, the demands of working in my business can often eat up time that should be spent working on my business. Naturally, it’s also tough handing over the reigns on any aspect of the business to anyone, as I tend to want to control content for quality and relevance. AIM has consistently nailed both, and done so better than I ever could. I’m repeatedly impressed by their ability to write fitness and nutrition tips for posting that are engaging, informative, and accurate – a crucial combination that is lacking in so much of the “fitness” content out there today. Combined with their excellent graphics, strategic planning, and continual evaluation and revision, AIM is helping to build great brand awareness for Drew Friesen Fitness – and always with professionalism, efficiency, and personality.

Knowing AIM Social Media Marketing has things under control puts my mind at ease and frees me up to do what I enjoy most – delivering top-notch service to my clients!

I highly recommend AIM Social Media Marketing!

Drew Friesen - MHK, CSCS, Pn1 Owner, Personal Trainer & Lifestyle Coach at Drew Friesen Fitness

Nichole at AIM is a social media PRO! She helped me double my page’s likes and follows after just one meeting!

Nick from Corporal4Life Apparel

We launched a new public emergency alerting sound and information (PEASI) solution and wanted to have a voice on social media to help promote awareness of it. We engaged AIM Social Media Marketing to help be that voice. It’s been an awesome experience so far. AIM came up to speed quickly on our product and industry and we’re off and running (and posting away on our behalf). What I like most is their availability and responsiveness, their proactiveness to try new things as they (and we) find our voice on social media, and their friendliness and easiness to do work with.

Rick Arter, Managing Director at Arter Kirkwood & Associates

I have been working with Nichole at AIM Social Media Marketing for some time now and even though our meeting was by happenstance, it has turned out to be one of the best happenstance meetings possible.  Nichole has been a great source of knowledge helping myself and Merchants Paper Company understand how to move into the new age of social media.  Along with her knowledge of social media trends, Nichole is a great teacher and has had the patience to see us through the learning curve with her suggestions and imagination to help us begin to reach a wider target audience than we’d ever dreamed.

Nichole is professional, courteous and generous with her time and knowledge and we are continually impressed by her ability to HIT the mark when it comes to our needs.

AIM Social Media Marketing is a key component in our marketing success and I would not hesitate to recommend Nichole and AIM Social to anyone.

Christine Laforce, Business Development Manager at Merchants Paper Company

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