How Do I Train a Virtual Assistant?

If you’re hiring a VA, you are likely a busy entrepreneur or business owner and have little spare time available already. So it may feel counterintuitive at first to hire a VA to save you time, only to have to spend time to train them. However, taking the time to train your VA is an important step, and it will pay off for you and your business in the long run. 

Virtual Assistants are skilled and knowledgeable, but they will still need training on the specifics of your business. It’s like a restaurant hiring an experienced server. No matter how many years of experience the server has, they will still have to be trained on the restaurant’s menu, POS system, side duties, given a tour of the restaurant, and shown where everything is kept. 

When you dedicate the time to properly train your VA, you will receive a great return on investment. You will be increasing the potential growth of your business and have more time and energy to focus on high-value activities.

To keep things running smoothly and efficiently, know how you will train your VA ahead of time. This blog post will provide you with valuable tips on how to train your virtual assistant effectively and efficiently.

Set Goals and Expectations

From the beginning, it is important to go over certain topics so that you and your VA are on the same page and know what to expect. Such as:

  1. Payment: How much you will pay, when you will pay, and how you will pay. 
  2. Communication: Establish how you will communicate, such as email, Slack, or Whatsapp.
  3. Roles: Be clear on what their role is and what you expect from them.
  4. Turnaround Time: Establish what you expect the turnaround time to be for certain projects or tasks. 
  5. Availability: Let your VA know when you will be available for them to contact you.

Create Training Materials

You may need to create some training materials for onboarding your VA. It can seem daunting at first, but it will save you time and energy in the future. You only have to create them once, and they will benefit you forever. 

Find Resources Online

Before you record a training video, check to see if there’s already one on YouTube that you could use. For example, if you have to show your VA how to use one of the software programs that you use for your business, check to see if there’s a training video on YouTube or the platform’s website you could send them instead. Also, keep an eye out for useful articles that may help your VA succeed in their role with you. 

Tools for Training

Many great tools will help you succeed when working with your VA. These include: 

  • Google Drive to share documents and photos.
  • LastPass to store and securely share passwords.
  • Loom is great for creating training videos. Record your screen and voice so you can show your VA what you’re doing.  
  • Slack for instant messaging with your VA on your desktop or phone.
  • Toggl for time tracking so your VA can keep track of their hours. 
  • Trello for project management.
  • Zoom for meetings.

Give Clear Instructions

If you’re clear with what you want from the beginning, your VA will be able to complete their tasks more quickly and smoothly. Miscommunication or not giving enough details can lead your VA down the wrong path and waste their time and yours. 

Schedule Tasks in Advance

Many VAs have other clients and busy schedules, so be sure to assign tasks in advance so that they can meet your deadlines. 

Update Your VA on any Changes

Make sure your VA is aware of any changes as soon as possible. If there are unexpected changes that impact the work your VA is doing, tell them right away so there is little time or money wasted. 

Be Open to Questions

Be open to questions. Your VA will perform better if they know they can come to you with any questions they may have.  

Give Feedback

Give constructive feedback. Your VA wants to do a good job and will appreciate the feedback you give them. Also, give them positive reassurance!

You Don’t Have to Have It All Figured Out

If it’s your first time hiring a VA, it can feel overwhelming! Remember that you don’t have to have everything figured out right away, so don’t stress about having the perfect training process. You will learn as you go, and you will grow with your VA.
Need more help hiring a VA? Download our free guide on Questions to Ask When Hiring a VA.

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