25 Tasks You Can Outsource to Stay in Your Zone of Genius

25 Tasks You Can Outsource to Stay in Your Zone of Genius

If you have too much to do in your business and not enough time, then it might be time to start delegating. Over time, your task list may have gotten longer and longer and farther away from the parts of your business you’re actually passionate about working on.

Hiring team members or working with an agency is a great way to continue to scale and grow your business past what you can do as a solopreneur. Here are 25 tasks you can outsource to stay in your zone of genius.

25 Ideas of What Tasks to Delegate in Your Business

1. Scheduling emails

Although it doesn’t sound very time-consuming, every little bit adds up when it comes to working on your business. Tasks that pop up regularly like scheduling new weekly emails are great items to delegate because you don’t have to keep thinking about it once it’s off your plate!

2. Writing emails or creating newsletters

Similarly, you may want to hire someone to completely write or create your email newsletters rather than just scheduling and formatting them.

3. Creating social media content

Possibly one of the most time-consuming ongoing tasks in running an online business is creating new social media content. Social media is always a good task to outsource.

4. Writing blog posts

Writing new blog posts is another marketing task that is ideally done regularly, so outsourcing this can help you create new blog content on an ongoing basis to grow your audience and demonstrate your authority.

5. Formatting and scheduling blog posts

Formatting and scheduling can go along with writing blog posts, or it can be a separate task, sometimes involving designing a blog post graphic or adding stock photos to the post and formatting the headings for SEO purposes.

6. Instagram management

Over the years, Instagram has added so many new features and different types of content — from static posts, carousels, reels, stories, and more — that it can be helpful to hire a specialist to manage this for you, all the way from content creation to account engagement and growing your followers.

7. Coming up with ideas for Instagram reels

If you’re interested in creating your own Instagram reels but feeling stuck with WHAT to actually post each week, then it might be helpful to hire someone to keep up with the latest trends and most effective content and send you a list of ideas for what to film.

8. Editing reels or TikTok videos

Although you typically have to film video content yourself (unless you hire an influencer or use stock videos), you can easily outsource the editing process. If you’d rather not spend time with sounds, filters, and moving around tiny text on a screen, then you might want to outsource this.

9. Tiktok management

Tiktok is a massively popular social media site, so if you’re interested in hopping on this platform and you want full service management from coming up with a strategy to ideas, trends, scripts, editing, uploading, engagement, and more, then hire someone for Tiktok management.

10. Pinterest management

While Pinterest is similar to social media, it also involves an element of SEO and it can be helpful to work with someone who really knows the ins-and-outs of Pinterest.

11. Editing Youtube videos

If you prefer creating longer videos, then it might be beneficial to hire someone to edit your Youtube videos for you.

12. Dollar Eighty strategy

If you’re not familiar, Dollar Eighty is a social media strategy from Gary Vaynerchuk that involves commenting (or giving your “two cents”) on nine posts in ten different hashtags each day, adding up to the $1.80 name. This strategy can help improve your own Instagram engagement but takes quite a bit of time, making it perfect to outsource.

13. Repurposing blog posts

If you have a ton of written blog posts and want them to be turned into other types of content, you can outsource this task.

14. Repurposing video or podcast content

Similarly, you can also hire someone to repurpose your video, audio, or podcast content into other formats so you can get more mileage out of the content you’ve already created.

15. Designing social media graphics

If you don’t love doing design yourself, then graphic design or branding might be one of the first things you want to outsource.

16. Designing and creating ebooks

You might need ebooks or content upgrades to use as freebies at some point in your online business, and this is a task that you can hire someone to do.

17. Uploading and formatting an online course

If you’re interested in creating and selling an online course, there are people who can take what’s in your brain and format it into a digital course on a platform like Teachable, Thinkific, or Kajabi.

18. Sending invoices or basic emails to clients

If you’re tired of chasing up payments, you can always hire a virtual assistant to send invoices or emails on your behalf.

19. Podcast editing and transcripts or show notes

If you have a podcast, you might find that after you record an episode, post production is the most time-consuming part. Hire a podcast editor and reclaim your time!

20. Podcast promotion on social media

You can also hire someone to help promote your podcast on social media (hint: we can help with this!).

21. Proofreading and editing content

Even if you love writing, it’s always helpful to have another set of eyes to proofread or edit your content before publication.

22. Customer service

If you’re in a business with a large number of customers, outsourcing your customer service messages or emails can save you hours each week.

23. Writing social media captions

Maybe you love design but not so much writing. In that case, why not outsource writing your social media captions?

24. Engaging with other accounts in your niche on social media

If you like creating and posting your own social media content but don’t have the time to engage with other accounts, follow people, or respond to comments, you can always outsource this part.

25. Managing and growing all your social media accounts

Last but not least is managing and growing all of your social media accounts! If your business is growing and you’re ready to scale, you can consider working with an agency to manage every social media platform where you have an active presence rather than doing one at a time.

Since social media requires both frequent and ongoing work and also benefits from having specialized expertise with the platforms, this is one of the best tasks to start outsourcing in your business.

This one overlaps with some of the previous tasks, but generally “social media management” encompasses ALL of the tasks related to social media, from content creation, engaging with other accounts, writing, designing graphics, scheduling, and more.

Outsourcing work can free up your time, give you peace of mind, and help you scale your business. If this list has given you ideas of tasks you’d like to start outsourcing in your business, my team can help!If you want to learn more, click here to fill out an application and find out more about what it’s like to work with us.

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