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The Importance of Engagement and Responding to EVERY Comment.

Today, I sent a message to an influencer. I follow her on Instagram – check multiple times a day to watch any new Instagram stories and read her latest posts. So today, I took a leap of faith today and sent her a message…. And she responded!

I totally freaked. Fangirled. Did a happy dance. It was just a tiny message – but it was a BIG DEAL to me. I feel like I know her already from following her but now I have this personal connection with her.

As I was bouncing around my kitchen being excited – I realized THIS was the point I have been trying to make the past few weeks within the AIM Social Community.

Let me back up…

Have you ever sent a message to a Facebook page and… never get a response back? It’s super annoying, right? Maybe even frustrating??

Did you know that approximately 89% of social messages go ignored? Yet users expect an answer from a brand within four hours. In fact, 42% of users who are complaining to a brand via social media expect a response in LESS than one hour.

Yet as business owners, brand reps, or page admins, it’s easy not to make responding back to messages a priority. It’s not like it has a “monetary return” … Right?


Sure, you’re not going to get a pay cheque the minute you respond. BUT – if you’re using social media to market your business, then you need to be playing the long game.

It is proven that individuals feel a better connection with the brands that respond back to their comments or messages. (My influencer story starting to make more sense??)

It’s time to play the long game.

Social Media engagement should be thought of as a long-term relationship. It’s not just about the likes… It’s about the actual conversations happening with your brand online. A committed and lengthy relationship takes dedication, adaptability and the ability to think about the future – ensuring that the other party involved is happy for years to come.

Engagement isn’t just a single interaction with one of your customers… You’re creating an open line of communication over a period of time.

It comes down to relationships.

If you are consistently responding back to messages and comments on your social media, you will begin to build those relationships with your followers. When it comes time for them to buy a product or service – they’re likely to go with yours over a different brand because you’ve proven that you’re invested in them as a customer.

It’s not about responding back to messages… It’s about building a relationship. But if this hasn’t sold you – then know this…

The Algorithms

Social Media Algorithms recognize when you are engaging with your followers and responding to comments. When you’re doing this, the algorithm sees that you’re invested and will push your content out to more people – expanding your reach and your engagement! When you commit to engaging with your audience regularly, you will see significant growth on your accounts.




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