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13 Free or Inexpensive Apps and Websites for Video Creation

The video is everywhere these days – and for good reason.

Humans are naturally drawn to photos or videos rather than text. It’s much easier to draw someone into what you’re trying to sell or tell an audience if you’re using a video or an eye-catching photo.

This is called Pattern Interrupt. It’s what makes a person slow down or stop scrolling to take notice of a post. Anything brightly coloured, high contrast, and moving can be a great way to cause Pattern Interrupt.

So how do you create videos without spending THOUSANDS of dollars on a professional design or editor? We have compiled a list of 13 apps for you create and edit for free.



Lumen5 is a video editing website that uses artificial intelligence to turn an article or blog post into a video. Simply upload your link and Lumen5 will automatically populate a storyboard.

It has a searchable media library with millions of free media files for you to use such as photos, video clips, and music. It also allows you to customize your video to match the look and feel of your brand!

COST: FREE* to start.

Check it out here.



Quik is a video editing app created by GoPro. It has an Instagram style layout that allows you to edit right from your phone with a few simple taps!

Quik analyzes your videos to select great moments, adds transitions, music, and syncs everything to the beat of the music.


Download Quik for iOS here.

Download Quik for Google Play here.



Legend is an app that turns your text into animations!

You simply write your text, choose your animation style and then choose a background.

These animations are perfect for Instagram, Twitter, iMessage, and WhatsApp!


Download Legend for iOS free here.


Switcher Studio

Switcher is a live video creation platform. It allows you to edit while you’re shooting live and send your video to YouTube, Facebook Live and other platforms directly.

You can sync up to nine iPhones and iPads as additional cameras and the coolest part is you can add your logo right to your screen as your live. This is perfect for branding!

COST: $29/month *to start

Check it out here.



iMovie is a free video editing software for Apple users. If you’ve ever used Windows Movie Maker growing up, it’s pretty much the next step up with a more professional layout, but still, an easy to use program.

Apple users can edit on their iPhones, iPads, and MacBooks.

Download iMovie for iOS here.

Download for macOS here.



Ripl is great for small businesses social media marketing needs.

It allows users to animated posts with a selection of designer templates and easy customization with photos, font, and music to match your brand.

You can easily share your posts right from the app with an analytics feature to track engagements for all your social media activity.

COST: FREE *to start

Download Ripl for iOS here.

Download Ripl for Android here.

Check out Ripl for Desktop here.



Videoshop is an app that easily allows you to personalize and share videos with your friends.

You can combine clips, cut out ones you don’t want, add music, sound effects, subtitles and more! You can easily share the video from the app to your Snapchat, Facebook, YouTube, email and more!


Download Videoshop for iOS here.

Download Videoshop for Google Play here.



Magisto is a smart video editor that helps you create business videos in minutes!

You can upload your videos and photos, choose a video editing style and a soundtrack from their library and their artificial intelligence video maker will help analyze and edit your video.

Magisto also offers cross-channel video content hosting and distribution as well as an insights section to help you understand which video content performs the best and analyze where and why viewers stop watching your business videos.

COST: Starts at $4.99 a month.

Download Magisto for iOS here.

Download Magisto for Google Play here.



Vlogit is a free video editing application for YouTubers and Vloggers. The app has customizable animated intros, thumbnail designs for YouTube videos or Playlists and exports in 1080P with no quality loss. You can add music from their library as well as adding a voiceover to your videos.


Download Vlogit for iOS here.

Download Vlogit for Google Play here.



Splice is a video editor and movie maker by GoPro.

You can easily create fully customized, professional-looking videos on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. It’s the performance of a desktop editor optimized for your mobile device. You can trim clips, adjust transitions, add slow motion effects and more while editing on the go.


Download Splice for iOS here.

Download Splice for Google Play here.



InShot is a video and photo editor in one app.

You can add music, effects, and voiceover, emoji, and text adjust speed and has a selection of video effects available for you to use.

The best part is that it makes your video or photo square ready for Instagram.


Download InShot for iOS here.

Download InShot for Google Play here.



CutStory allows you to important long videos into the app and then cuts them up into to save into your camera roll in 15-second sections or another length of your choice.

This app would be great if you do a lot of Instagram stories and need to cut the video down.


Download CutStory for iOS here.

* Download CutStory equivalent for Google Play here.


Hype Type

Hype Type is another animated text editor that allows you to attach animated captions on your videos and photos in your Instagram stories.

It’s easy to use with different color combinations to choose from.


Download Hype Type for iOS here.

* Download Hype Type Equivalent for Google Play here.




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