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Why should you have a Facebook Group for your Business?

This past week I participated in a Facebook group challenge. It was a lot of fun and I learned quite a bit! It gave me some great ideas for what we can do for our AIM Social Community in the near future. I thought this would be the perfect time to discuss the benefits of having a Facebook group for your business.

  1. Increased Personal Engagement

If you are providing valuable content and conversation, you will find more likes and comments on your posts in the Facebook group. Typically, individuals join groups with the mindset of community. They are more willing to post and engage with other posts because it is not as intimidating as a business page.

By fostering a friendly and safe environment for your online community, your members will begin to build relationships and engage with each other without the fear of criticism.

A lot of individuals don’t want to join the conversation on a post made by a business – but if they’re in a group setting, that barrier is removed and it gives you the perfect opportunity to start a more personal conversation. You are a face behind the group – not just a company name and logo!

  1. Mentoring and Teaching

As the leader of the Facebook group, you get to decide what content is being posted. The content you post here is your chance to explain, educate, motivate and inspire your members with content you love. By using Facebook groups to provide helpful tips and insights – you are able to establish yourself as a credible source.

  1. Building Loyal Communities

Facebook groups are the home for ambassadors of your business! They are the ones that respond to your posts. When you release a new YouTube video or blog post, they share it, retweet it and send it to their friends.

There’s a Facebook community that I am a part of… There are over 1000 members and we’re not just a group of individuals in a group… We’re a family. The individual behind the group can produce any type of content or post about any offer – and everyone will jump in on it. We’re her most loyal fans.

  1. Building Trust

Facebook groups offer more private conversation that no one other than the group members can see (provided that you have created a closed group). The conversations that are had in the group typically wouldn’t happen if the members knew the whole world could be watching.

This is the perfect opportunity for you to nurture your members so they really begin to know, like and trust you. To build trust, you must provide value. When you’ve built a business online, trust is KEY before anyone will ever be willing to take out a credit card.

  1. Building Your List

Facebook groups allow you to ask questions when members request to join. You can offer a lead magnet or free giveaway in exchange for a person’s email. If they want it – they can claim it. If not – no biggie. Typically they’ll opt in and feel like they’ve gotten value from you before they’ve even jumped into the group!

Additionally, you can post giveaways and free opt-ins in your group! You can plug them on related posts, or mention it in the pinned welcome post in the group!

  1. Idea Validation

I’ve posted so many times in the AIM Social Community asking if they’d be interested in specific training, a specific offer, or even just their personal preference on two different graphics. Not only is it GREAT for engagement from the members… But I get the feedback I need and my members feel like they got to be part of the decision process!

  1. ALL your ideal clients in one place!

Where else on the internet can you gather all your ideal clients at any time of the day for free? Sure, you need to give them your time, attention and offer valuable content – but to be able to watch and learn from them is invaluable.

  1. Driving Attention to your C2A.

Most Facebook groups have a deeper purpose. The goal is for them to eventually make a purchase and move up your value ladder. That’s your C2A – or Call to Action. You have this ability to add your C2A to your pinned post in your group! You don’t want to become overly spammy – but having it there so people can take that step when they’re ready is amazing.

Not every member will take advantage of your offer from the beginning – but if you remain value-focused, members will want more of the content you have to offer and will take advantage of those offers.

When using Facebook Groups, it’s important to remember the following things.

  1. Have a clear Facebook Group Name. What is your group about? Make sure that people can figure that out by the name. Use keywords that will attract your ideal members.
  2. Set group rules! Have these as part of the description of your post. It’s always a great idea to use one of the member approval questions to ensure that new members agree to the rules. Facebook provides sample rules such as no self-promotion, no rude or inappropriate behaviour, etc. Be sure to have clear guidelines as to what happens if members do not follow the group.
  3. Include a great description. Make sure that your description for the group focuses on your potential members – not just on you and what you can do for them. You want to encourage the idea of community with mutual participation.
  4. Be respectful when adding members. Groups have the ability to add your friends. Don’t. It’s poor Facebook etiquette and you’re starting that relationship off on a bad foot. Instead – post about the group on your profile, your business page, etc. and invite them to join.
  5. Just like any other aspect of social media, you have to post consistently and engage with your members. If you’re not engaging (especially at the beginning), you’ll find that the conversation will die down and your group with become stale with little to no engagement.




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