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8 Things You Need To Know About Instagram Marketing

There are so many articles about Instagram Marketing out there that give you “7 ways to increase Instagram followers” or “4 quick tips on how to increase engagement.”

Well… We want to combine a bunch of the knowledge of these articles into one post. Ready?

Here’s what you need to know.

  1. Instagram’s young audience prefers current, creative and useful content.

So when posting, make sure you are offering VALUE. Be sure to showcase what makes you special. Post high-quality images and videos.

  1. Post consistently.

Consistently. That word keeps coming up in our blog posts! It’s more important to post consistently than to post frequently.

Here’s what you need to know:

  • Major brands post once or twice a day to Instagram.
  • The more often you post on Instagram, the more likes and followers you gain.
  1. There isn’t one collective best time to post on Instagram.

You can read all sorts of different times online. Everyone has a different point of view. What it comes down to is your Target Audience.

When would your target audience be online? On their lunch breaks? After school? That’s when you post.

  1. User-generated content drives growth and conversions.

Have you ever had someone reach out and ask if they could reshare your content? Chances are that you went and took a look at it later on. User-generated content drives 6.9x higher engagement than other brand generated content. People like seeing their content be promoted by other companies. And it’s a great way to curate free content.

  1. Caption length does not affect engagement.

The general recommendation is to keep your captions short, mostly because Instagram only shows the first three lines of caption before hiding the rest with a “more” button. That being said… There is no statistical data that shows a significant correlation between caption length and engagement. So whatever you decide to do… Be sure you do it consistently.

  1. Instagram Stories are a MUST.

Iconosquare did a study where they asked 1,200 Instagram users where they spend most of their time on Instagram. What they found was that after just 3 weeks of the release, almost one-quarter of the Instagram users surveyed had seemingly ditched their usual Instagram activity in favor of watching stories.

  1. Hashtags and Location Tags drive the most engagement.

Using hashtags and location tags help people discover your Instagram posts… So, of course, this would drive the most engagement. Posts with just one hashtag generate an average of 13% more engagement. Posts with hashtags AND a location tag received an average of 29% more engagement.

  1. 30 Second Instagram Videos are King.

On Facebook, videos are #1 over photos in terms of engagement. But on Instagram, that’s undecided. What marketers have found is that Instagram videos that had high engagement are on average 30 seconds long.


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