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Case Study #9 | Southwest Airlines Social Media Automation Trouble

We’ve spent hours reading stories of how social media was used out of context and caused brands a lot of pain, followers and money.

The moral of the story – Anyone (brands big and small) can make a mistake.

Let’s learn from their mistakes, shall we?

If you’re like us, you have probably written your blog posts, created your content and scheduled it all in advance. You might have your posts scheduled for the next month ahead of time.

Southwest Airlines learnt a lesson on automation – one we can learn from as well. A glitch caused their customers to be charged multiple times. They posted angry messages on the airline’s Facebook page and instead of receiving a response, they found a scheduled photo change!

Although not true, it created the perception that the company had time to change the pictures on their social media but didn’t have time to help their customers with their valid concerns.


What can we learn from this?

But when a crisis arises and you’re dealing with complaints on your social media – stop the updates. No one wants to see your latest post if you haven’t dealt with their questions and concerns.


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