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21 Facebook Etiquette Rules For Marketing Businesses

Have you ever wondered what the Facebook Etiquette rules are that you should be following as a business?

Here’s a fast list of 21 things you should and shouldn’t do for proper Facebook Etiquette!

  1. Always have a profile picture and cover photo.
  2. Take the time to completely set up your Facebook page. Have someone look it over to see if you’re missing anything.
  3. Watch what you’re sharing. Make sure it’s relevant to your message. Your posts should resonate with your followers.
  4. Spelling and grammar are SO important.
  5. NEVER post on other people’s Facebook pages to tell them to like your page.
  6. Stay away from controversial topics like politics and religion.
  7. Be aware of national tragedy… Do not promote your business during those times. Cancel any scheduled posts out of respect.
  8. Do not copy other’s people content and pass it off as your own.
  9. Don’t dump posts… Don’t post multiple posts in a short time frame. Instead, you can space them out by a few hours or wait until another day.
  10. Use specific targeting to reach your most prevalent audiences.
  11. Complaining never looks classy.
  12. Don’t comment on other people’s posts promoting your own company.
  13. Don’t complain or air your dirty laundry online. Be constructive.
  14. Avoid sending mass messages to large groups of people. It becomes annoying very quickly will upset your followers.
  15. Be authentic. Don’t be fake… No one appreciates it.
  16. Avoid using “I” statements. Unless you are your business, you should speak about your business in the second person.
  17. Post regularly and engage your audience.
  18. Follow the 80/20 rule. 80% of the time you should be posting things that provide value to your followers. 20% of the time you can promote your own business.
  19. Be sure to tag other businesses when referencing them or when resharing their content.
  20. Be respectful of other businesses. You can answer questions on their page if you know the answer… But do not pitch your own offer as a solution.
  21. Share the love! Promote other products and businesses if it relates to your brand. Cross promoting is a fantastic way to build and grow your brand.

Have any additional Facebook Etiquette rules you’d like to add? Leave a comment below!

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