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You Should Have Separate Social Media Accounts For Each Business

You Should Have Separate Social Media Accounts For Each Business

Posted by Nichole Howson | January 5, 2018 | Blog, Social Media
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If you manage more than one website and they’re on different topics, you should create separate social media accounts for each. Why?

  1. Branding

For each business, organization or brand, you should have a unique brand… right down to the colours you use, the voice use and the tone you portray. Your branding should be clear and consistent across the board.

Combining multiple businesses, organizations or brands on the same social media accounts can cause confusion to your followers.

  1. Illuminate confusion

Ever look at a Facebook page or a Twitter account and wonder what the point of it was in the first place? It seems like they’re covering every topic imaginable… It’s confusing, right?

What are the chances that you’ll follow them? Chances are it’s significantly lower than if they were focused specifically on one topic or brand.

  1. Create a loyal following for each

What is your goal for using social media for your websites? Are you trying to create a following to drive traffic to your website? Build awareness? Create Leads?

If you want to create a loyal following for your brand, you’ll need social media accounts specifically for that brand. It’s hard to build a loyal following for ADHD Awareness AND your makeup business on the same account.

  1. Helps direct followers to the right site.

Imagine you’re looking at a post that really sparks your interest. You want to learn more, so you look for the website on their Facebook page and when you click on it, the website is for something completely unrelated.

It’s frustrating. Chances are you’re going to shut it down and stop looking.

Don’t do this to your social media followers. Make it easy for them.

  1. Tracking

Want to know how many people are interested in your business? You can’t do that when there are two businesses on one page or account. There’s no real way to track how many people are following, engaging or interested because they’re all put in together.


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