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Case Study #18 | US Airways Tweeted One Of The Most Graphic Things You’ve Ever Seen A Brand Tweet

We’ve spent hours reading stories of how social media was used out of context and caused brands a lot of pain, followers and money.

The moral of the story – Anyone (brands big and small) can make a mistake.

Let’s learn from their mistakes, shall we?

US Airways received a tweet from an individual complaining about delays.

They responded back apologizing

She tweeted back a second time, still pretty upset.

US Airways tweeted back, apologizing again and dropping what they thought was a link for the user to submit her feedback.

The link they sent actually a link that US Airways had copied to have removed off Twitter because it was graphic and inappropriate.

We’d show you the picture… But we can’t. It’s that bad. If you’re desperate… You can view an article BuzzFeed wrote that contains the photo.

The tweet was pulled down an hour later but not before it spread across Twitter.

What can we learn from this?

When posting any URL on your social media, test it.

Make sure it is:

  1. The right link.
  2. A live link that actually works.
  3. The most direct link to the information you’re sharing. No one likes having to dig around for the information they need.

Let’s hope none of your brands experience a mistake like this one.


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