What is Pinterest?

Pinterest is a visual search platform, where you can use it to discover inspiration for your hobbies, interests and business. Pinterest allows you to create a free account, which can be used for personal or a business account. 

How to use Pinterest to promote my business

The first step is to create your business account, this will provide you with analytics, and visual search tools, you also have the option to run Pinterest Ads. After you have your account set up, you can then find and pin anything that interests you or that is relevant to your business, create boards, and follow and engage other boards, you can then start creating your own content to promote.

How to create pins for high engagement

  • Use high quality headlines: You want to grab your reader’s attention, so using a catchy headline goes a long way to getting engagement.
  • The right size pin: When starting your design you have to make sure you are using the right size graphic, Pinterest’s preferred size is a 2:3 ratio.
  • The right keywords: When using keywords, ensure they are search engine optimized by adding keyword rich descriptions and board names.
  • Consistent engagement: The more you engage with your followers the more they will engage back, using insightful comments.
  • Track your pins: Monitor your pins using Pinterest Analytics, this will show you which ones are working the best.
  • Use paid ads: Although this is a paid method, paid ads work really well combined with organic methods.
  • Create high quality graphics: As with high quality headlines, you want to produce high quality graphics that are eye catching and attractive to your audience.

Are there tools I can use to create high quality Pinterest graphics?

While there are many graphic design tools you can use for all of your graphic design creations, we have a favourite that we use for our designs. 

Canva is a complete graphic design platform that doesn’t require you to be an expert graphic designer to create amazing, professional looking designs, and have templates for every social media platform, they have just introduced a social media calendar and scheduler that you can use to schedule your posts after you have created them, ensuring that you have everything you need to design in one convenient place. 

We have created a Canva tutorial over on our YouTube channel if you would like to head on over and watch it now! 

I hope that this information helps you in creating the best content for your Pinterest business. Content creation doesn’t have to be hard, Pinterest gives you an opportunity to have fun and be creative in your business!

And, if you are looking for more inspiration and ideas for content creation for your business, we have created a free ultimate content bundle so you’re not stressing about what to post on each day of the month, while saving time.

Click on the link below to access your bundle now:


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