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Seven Ways To Increase Reach On Social Media

Seven Ways To Increase Reach On Social Media

Posted by Nichole Howson | July 24, 2019 | Uncategorized

I’ve been tracking my reach and the number is on a steady decline! HELP! How do I fix this???

This topic is one that comes up more and more often as people get deeper into their social media. It can be disheartening when you aren’t seeing the results you want and need. It can be frustrating when you know the value of social media for your business but can’t seem to gain traction.

Here are seven ways to increase reach:

Check Your Content:

Check the content you’re posting. Is it things people would want to comment on or share? Make sure it’s less promotional and more engaging. Ask questions, start conversations and entertain your followers!

Does It Resonate?

On that note… Take some time and determine what resonates with your following. What content helps them, Like, Know and Trust your brand? This is part of the psychology of selling. If you can master the Like, Know and Trust – you’ll master your online marketing efforts in no time.

Give Them A Reason…

Make sure each post as a reason for people to comment or share. Sharing articles is great if they’re related to your industry. BUT if you’re not utilizing this to start a conversation, than you’re not going to see any traction. Engagement is KEY when trying to expand your reach.

Give To Receive!

Gaining engagement is incredibly important. But giving it is just as important – or even more so!! Engage with other accounts, comment on their posts, share posts that make sense and respond back to the comments left on your posts!

Now It’s Time!

When a post DOES perform well, capitalize on it and make sure your next post is highly optimized to get the best traction. That’s the time to offer some extra value with a solid call to action, leading people right into the front end of your sales funnel!

Ready, Set….

GO LIVE. When you’re doing live video, you’ll find more engagement – and engagement means reach!

Maximize On Trends

Take a look at trending content. How can you maximize on content that is ALREADY performing well? This is the only time “mindlessly scrolling” through social media is actually recommended. (Except it’s not mindlessly because you’re LOOKING for trending content and themes!)


Need some extra help? I’d love to chat with you on what that could look like… Schedule a FREE call here.

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