Utilizing Multiple YouTube Channels To Segment The Types of Content Your Business Offers

Utilizing Multiple YouTube Channels to Segment the types of Content your Business Offers – Why Should you?

If you’ve ever wondered whether running a YouTube channel is a good asset to your marketing strategy and to your overall business, you are in luck – we have the answer. It absolutely is!

What Can Having a YouTube Channel Do for You?

For starters, a YouTube channel allows you to post both short-form and long-form videos, which allows you some flexibility in the types of promotional content you make for your brand. You can also create playlists for your videos and reach your target audience in a more authentic and personal manner by doing live streams. And these are just the perks of having one – imagine what you could do with two or more!

Operating multiple YouTube channels may involve more work than just having a sole one, but it can be very beneficial when it comes to running a business that offers more than one type of product or service – for example, if your business’s main product line consists of cosmetics or hair products, but you also offer content centered around mental health awareness. Another example might be having a main channel for your business itself, as well as a channel for your personal brand that you associate with your business.

Some of the ways this strategy can help you effectively manage and share your content include:

1.   Keeping Things Organized and Optimized

Having a channel dedicated to each of your products or brands will keep everything clear and focused. This makes it much easier for people to find the content they want to see from you without there being too much confusion or clutter involved. You can take this a step further by incorporating Search Engine Optimization (SEO) methods, such as using a highly targeted list of keywords for each channel’s videos, including negative keywords where necessary. Optimizing your keyword lists in this way also gives YouTube a better idea of what to put in the ‘suggested videos’ area, especially since doing so for multiple channels instead of one lets you be even more specific in targeting viewers.

2.   Maximizing your Reach and Engagement

Because you will have more than one place to share your content in an organized manner, you will become more visible to viewers and potential followers. It also helps if you integrate your social media marketing efforts on other platforms with each of your channels – so for example, if your second channel covers something like mindfulness and you have an Instagram account for the same thing, try promoting your mindfulness videos there!

One thing we would not advise is to post the same video on more than one of your channels. Doing this has consequences in the form of YouTube flagging it as ‘duplicate content’ and, in the worst-case scenario, removing your channel from the site.

3.   Keeping Branding Consistent

This is another good reason to integrate your marketing efforts as much as possible. If your business has different branding for each type of content – for example, a different set of colours for a logo – then, much like with the number of social media accounts you run, having a channel for each lets you stay more consistent with all your existing branding choices.

Also, going back to our first point, with each channel using the right brand identity, your audience has a clearer picture of each brand without the other one(s) cluttering things up.

How to Make Running Multiple Channels Easier?

The good news here is that YouTube allows you to have multiple channels under one google account by creating brand channels along with a personal one. This also lets you give other users the ability to work on a brand channel by connecting their Google accounts to it in addition to your own. This is particularly useful if you plan to outsource tasks to a virtual assistant.

It should be noted that there is a difference between a ‘brand channel’ and a ‘personal channel’ which is basically that the former is tied to a brand and its employees instead of a specific person. Because a ‘personal’ channel can only have one Google account linked to it, brand channels may be a better choice for ease of access by everyone involved.

To add a new channel to your account, simply go to your settings on YouTube and, under ‘account’, click on ‘add or manage your channel(s)’. You’ll see your existing channel(s) as well as a ‘create a channel’ button.

From there, you can add a channel name, fill in the necessary details Google asks for, verify your account, and then customize the new channel based on your brand. After that, you’re all set to begin posting your content!If you have any questions or need help getting started with an additional YouTube channel, my team can help! Click here to fill out an application and learn more about hiring us.

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