Ways To Declutter Your Phone or Computer

Ways To Declutter Your Phone/Computer

If you own a business chances are your phone or computer have tons of files, photos, folders, apps and other things that are taking up space and making your devices look and feel cluttered. This can be overwhelming when looking for a certain picture or document on your devices. Taking the time to declutter and organize your files and home screen can help you accomplish more during your work day. 

Tip #1: Delete apps you don’t need

Go through your phone and look at all the apps you have. Chances are there are apps you haven’t opened in weeks or months. This is taking up storage space on your device that could be used for things that you actually need. If you delete an app you realize you need, just redownload it!

Tip #2: Organize the apps you actually use

One of the best ways to organize the apps you actually use are to have your most used apps on the second page of your home screen and all the pages after that have folders organizing your apps. One way to do it is have all your photo editing apps in one folder or all of your games in one folder. This eliminates the amount of pages you have on your phone and the overwhelming feeling tons of apps can create. 

Tip #3: Declutter your photos

As a social media manager I have tons of photos on my phone, from personal to client’s content I have managed to accumulate thousands of photos. It’s always good to clear out photos you don’t need to get back some of your phone or computer storage. 

Tip #4: Create folders on your computer

If you’re someone who is always creating new documents or downloading things onto your desktop, creating folders will help you be able to keep track of where everything is on your computer. You can even create folders inside your folders for maximum organization! 

Hopefully after reading through these simple tips you have gotten the inspiration and motivation to organize the devices you use the most. This will help with your ability to focus, efficiency and more. If you would like to know more ways to stay organized, happy and thriving in your life and business join our free Facebook group where you will find tips on how to balance your life and business, stress relief tips and organization tips that will help you have a clear mind! https://www.facebook.com/groups/thrivingandbalanced

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