Why Expectations Are INCREDIBLY Important For Your Social Media Efforts.

When you’re leading a team, you likely have expectations on how things are being done.

If you hire a service provider, you likely have expectations of results or on how things are handled.

And rightfully so!

I think that’s human nature for the most part.

I mean, you likely have expectations on how you should be treated by friends and family.

And when expectations aren’t met, it can cause trouble, confusion, disappointment or more.

Brene Brown talks about how her team uses the expression, “paint done for me.”

When she gives a task, her team can ask her what it would look like when it’s done.

I love this concept.

Setting clear expectations from the beginning can save so much time, money and issues down the road.

Every time I give a task to my team, I try to remember to explain what it will look like when it’s done.

Giving clear expectations of what I am looking for.

The same goes for my clients.

I try to be clear about what I can do for them and what I have to offer.

Having unrealistic expectations can cause sooooo much trouble down the road.

If you have a marketing budget of $50 and you’re looking for 1 million followers in 10 days, you have unrealistic expectations.

“But YouTube says it’s possible!!!!!”

What YouTube forgot to mention was that you need to have a HUGE marketing budget and connections.

YouTube likely forgot to mention that 1 million followers does not equal sales. Especially if you’re buying followers.

Setting clear expectations and finding out what the actual goal is BEFORE you start is so important.

What are your expectations when it comes to social media? What are your ACTUAL goals?

Paint done for me. What’s the end result you’re looking for?

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