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Case Study #5 | The Twitter Fail of Netflix’s Qwikster

We’ve spent hours reading stories of how social media was used out of context and caused brands a lot of pain, followers and money.

The moral of the story – Anyone (brands big and small) can make a mistake.

Let’s learn from their mistakes, shall we?

When Netflix attempted to launch Qwikster, a service to continue the mail service, they ran into a problem.

His name was Jason Castillo. But it really wasn’t his fault.

Netflix failed to mention to the public that the twitter handle @Qwikster was not for the new company. In actual fact, it belonged to a potty-mouthed drug user.

Netflix's Qwikster Fail on Twitter.
Netflix’s Qwikster Fail on Twitter.

When loyal customers tried to find more information, they landed on Castillo’s profile.

The user and Qwikster were joined socially immediately – despite the lack of real connection; and just like that… the damage was done.

Lesson here? Do your research. Make sure the usernames, twitter handles and even hashtags aren’t being used for something else.

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