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Clever Subject Lines That Get You More Reach – And Sales!

Let’s talk emails… How many emails do you get a day? How many of those have clever subject lines?

We get at least 30 emails a day. Some of these are Google Alerts and other email lists that we have subscribed to (and believe us… we’re stingy about what we subscribe to). When we open our inbox the first thing we do is skim through to see if there are any client emails – because those take top priority.

The second thing we do is skim the subject lines. Can you guess which ones we open first?

The ones with shocking, catchy or clever subject lines.

We’ve been paying extra attention the past month to the clever subject lines and we’ve learned quite a bit! We’ve even practiced and tried out a few on our own email list.

Here are some of our favourites we’ve found:

  • I want to get fired, how do I go about it?
  • Hashtag Facepalm – did you see this?
  • I was so hurt…
  • I’ve got a secret to tell you…
  • can we promote your funnel?
  • Yep. It’s happening.
  • Russell Brunson – will he accept my BFF proposal?

We also got a few that we were a little shocked about.

Mind you… They worked. We clicked. We can’t say we would recommend you try them unless you are positive it works with your brand and it won’t offend your target market.

  • How many fxcks do you give?!
  • We like to be used… 😉
  • FML, we’re on shrooms.

We tried out a few of our own:

  • WE QUIT!! (Open Rate: 51% | Click-Through Rate: N/A)
  • You’ve been BANNED. (Open Rate: 45.04% |Click-Through Rate: 10.69%)
  • THREE DAYS ONLY!! (Open Rate: 43.51% | Click-Through Rate: 6.11%)
  • New Beginnings… (Open Rate: 40.71% | Click-Through Rate: 7.08%)
  • Social Media isn’t EVERYTHING. (Open Rate: 40.4% | Click-Through Rate: 4.04%)
  • FACEBOOK pages are DEAD! (Open Rate: 45.45% | Click-Through Rate: 11.11%)

Here are the average rates across all industries:

Open Rate: 18.09%

Click-Through Rate: 8.00%

Bounce Rate: 9.66%

Unsubscribe Rate: 0.02%

You can see the industry specifics here.

Words to Avoid:

There are some subject lines that you should avoid. Here is a master list of all the words that trigger a spam alert. Our favourite subject line on here is… “This isn’t spam.” I think that speaks for itself.


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