High-Value Content: What it is and how to create it!

We talk a lot about leading with value and posting high-value content… But what does that really mean?

What makes high-value content?

High-value content is content that gives your audience a major takeaway. It’s not pointless material – but has substance.

This is really easy to do for some service-based industries or brands based around education and information… But how can you create high-value content for ANY business?

There are three types of content that you can use…

1. Educating

This is the content that is teaching your audience about your product or service. Not just about what you do – but why you need it. What different aspects can you focus on? Maybe your shampoo is chemical-free – but WHY is it important that people use that shampoo over a different brand? Why is it important to have a clear SEO strategy or an optimized website. No matter what your product or service is – there are ways to educate.

2. Entertaining

Entertaining content is one of the most fun! Entertaining can be anything from a funny meme to a trending video. It’s usually content that causes some sort of emotional reaction – whether it’s a happy emotion or even a sad reaction. Things like motivational content or inspirational quotes fall into this category.

3. Engaging

This content has the specific goal of getting your audience to comment. Asking questions is a great way of doing this. “Pineapple on pizza? Yes or Nah?” “What’s one teacher that made a huge impact on your life? What did they do?” There are endless possibilities here – even if it’s something like asking a “this or that” question!

Additional Content Ideas:

1. Inspiring

Inspiring content is one of our favourites and performs very well. It combines both entertaining and engaging content! Inspiring your followers typically encourages them to comment and share! They’re more likely to do this and share it with other people. 

2. Profound quotes.

There are several different forms of inspirational content – but profound quotes is one of them. Sometimes short and sweet works best. Other times you can share a quote and expand on it with your personal experiences. Test both and see what performs best with your audience.

Make it relatable to your entire audience

High-Value Content typically has one thing in common. It resonates with your entire audience. It typically focuses on one thing your entire audience could relate to. For example, entrepreneurs might resonate with working long hours and depending on a lot of caffeine – so coffee might be a great engaging topic. Moms might resonate with being busy and on the run, so posting about quick and easy snack ideas might be a great educational topic.

Find what topics your entire audience can relate to and focus your content around them.

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