Why It’s Important To Be Consistent

The Importance Of Being Consistent.

Have you ever looked at a Facebook page for a company and noticed that they haven’t posted in a few days? Weeks? And maybe even months? What does this say about that business?

Or maybe the business posts regularly but their content is sporadic and you can’t really tell what the brand is about because they don’t have a common theme. They post anything and everything.

These sorts of things make the company look a bit unorganized and not as professional. You can tell if the company is making its online marketing a priority because you will see clear patterns. 

The Content You’re Posting

Your page should have one main focus, theme or topic. If you have a page for makeup products, you shouldn’t be posting regularly about fitness plans.

Pick one avenue and then stick with it. Make sure that the posts you share, all link back to your main topic.

For example, a photographer might shoot weddings, newborns and personal brands. But overall, they’re selling their photography services.

Voice, Values, and Morals

Although important, your brand is more than just your logo and tagline. Your brand is built of many different aspects. Voice, Values, and Morals are arguably the most important aspects of your brand.

Your voice should be consistent in each of your posts. You don’t want to speak in an uptight and professional tone, and then use lots of slang and emojis in the next post. Once you choose your tone, stick with it.

If you build a brand around wholesome content, you might want to avoid sharing content where someone is swearing or you’re sharing controversial images. 

Wendy’s is a great example of a brand that owns their voice, values, and morals. They decided to build a brand that surrounds roasting their customers and competition. 

How Often Should You Post?

How often you post is important. Are you posting daily or a few times a week. Daily is great if you can commit to it. 3 times a week works too. But whatever you do, be consistent in it.

It would be better to post three times a week than to post daily for 3 weeks and then go MIA for 2 months. However often you decide to post – just make sure you stay committed to it.

Post Timing

WHEN you post is also very important. You can find the best times to post based on your audience in your insights and analytics within your social media platforms. 

If you decide to do weekly Facebook lives, which I recommend that you do, it is sometimes beneficial to pick a day and time that you go live. Tuesdays at 11 am for example.

This way two things happen… First off, your audience will come to expect a Facebook live every Tuesday at 11 am. They’ll look for it. Devoted fans will block off the time so they have time to catch it live. The second benefit is that once you commit to posting on that day and time, you’re more likely to follow through. You can block that time off in your calendar.

Colours and Branding

This might seem silly – but the colours you use in your posts matter. They’re great for brand recognition. If you use the same colours and styles in your posts, then people will come to recognize your content. Even better – when other people use your colours and styles, people will think about your brand subconsciously. 

What Happens When You’re Not Consistent

If you’re not being consistent on social media, you’ll lose and confuse people. People will learn to not pay attention to your content, won’t see your content regularly or will unfollow because they can’t keep up with what your true messaging is.

Being consistent is key.

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