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Tips to Improve Your Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is something that you need to work at daily. The social media world is constantly changing. So what may have worked before may not necessarily work now. You should be continually reading and researching new ways to use social media to keep up with the times.

We’ve put something together for you to help you improve your Social Media Marketing.

  1. Use images as often as possible. By now you should know that images get the most views and interaction.
  2. When uploading videos use Facebook rather than YouTube. This will help your engagement on Facebook.
  3. Experiment with content types with your brand. What might work best for someone else, may not work best for you.
  4. Schedule your content with Hootsuite. It will make it easier on you when you don’t always have to go post everything manually.
  5. See what kind of posts get the most engagement with your audience by analyzing Facebook Insights.
  6. Use Call to Action regularly. Make sure you leave clear instructions so your audience knows what they are to do.
  7. Build your own brand and be yourself. Be different from the competition so that you stand out. You don’t want to blend in.
  8. Make sure your profile picture matches your brand and has something to do with your brand.
  9. Build relationships with your audience. If you are good to them, they will be good to you.
  10. Don’t always try to sell. You want to be sure to build relationships with your audience so they know that they can trust you. Don’t be pushy.
  11. Find viral images by using Post Planner, and share them.
  12. Respond to customers. Make sure to reply to them when they are commenting or sharing your content.
  13. Plan ideas and put into action new ways to get retweets. Use mentions in your tweets and using images.
  14. Make sure that your LinkedIn page is completed and current. Customers or clients will possibly go there to find out more about your brand and company.
  15. Share your content at different times and use different networks to gain more new followers.
  16. Sharing other peoples content is not enough; add your own comment to the content. Put your own spin on it.
  17. Occasionally run a 15-minute social media audit to make sure you are using your social media profile correctly.
  18. Use social media to grow your email list. This is important.
  19. Create a customer persona. This is a hypothetical person you are trying to reach. Always post with this in mind.
  20. Use Twitter lists to build relationships with your audience. This, in turn, will promote sales.
  21. Keep all of your social media networks similar in terms of colours, images and voice.
  22. Help your followers by replying to their comments for what they want to hear. Not what you want to say.
  23. Think about how social media will help your marketing and sales goals.
  24. Use hashtags that relate to your brand so that other potential customers can find you and follow you.
  25. Using a tool like Social Mention, find out what people are saying about your business.
  26. Be personal. Be a brand that people can relate to and be comfortable with. This is how you will get more sales.
  27. Always respond when people mention or tag you. Keep that relationship with your customers open.
  28. Focus most on the social media networks that are doing the best. You would rather have fewer great networks, than a bunch of poorly used networks.
  29. Tweet at the best times to get the most engagement.

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