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The Secrets to Creating the Perfect Social Media Post

Does the perfect social media post exist? Sure it does! But it doesn’t happen very often. Everything would have to be completely precise.

Meaning the post would have to post at a perfect time of day to get the most views, the tone would be perfect, and it would captivate your viewers to the point that they would just HAVE to share it. Even though it is hard to do it doesn’t mean that we don’t try our hardest to achieve this goal.

We’ve put together a something that we hope will help you with your postings on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram. So here we go.


  • When you keep things positive, it helps other people to be positive. Keep the positive vibes moving!
  • The best posts are the ones that provide just enough information to make someone want to click the “read more” button, to do just that, read more.
  • Posts that include images get the most views, and most interaction.
  • If you’re going to add a link to your post, it. This way you can see how many people are clicking on it.
  • Be interactive with your posts. Build relationships by replying to comments.
  • Don’t just post during business hours. Other people work during business hours so your post will have fewer views during the day.
  • The best times to post are from 1pm-4pm and the worst times to post are from 8pm-8am.



  • Be sure to give readers complete instruction for Call to Action, so that they know what they are supposed to be doing.
  • Make sure to use proper punctuation. I know, I know- you only have 140 characters. Just don’t do it.
  • links get the most retweets. So, shorten links so that you don’t have to waste those precious characters.
  • Use questions and facts to engage viewers and to get more retweets and increase your reach.
  • Retweet legit content. Don’t use all the characters when retweeting. You want your audience to be able to add to it.
  • The best times to post are from 1pm-3pm and the worst times to post are from 8pm-9am.



  • Avoid adding photos with human faces. Photos with no human faces get shared 23% more than photos of human faces.
  • Images with colours that stand out get 3 times the amount of likes and repins.
  • Red and orange get 2 times the amount of repins.
  • Use an attention-grabbing background that that won’t take up more than 40% of your image. If you do you’ll notice that repins will decrease by 50%.
  • Vertical images get more attention compared to horizontal images. The best ratios are 2:3 and 4:5.
  • The best times to post are from 2pm-4pm and 8pm-1am.
  • The worst times to post are from 5pm-7pm.


Google +

  • Tag brands and people when you can. They will get a notification when you tag them and they will possibly engage with your post.
  • Get involved with hot topics to show that your brand is keeping up with the times. Which will give your brand more attention.
  • Increase your page’s reach by adding hashtags that pertain to your post.
  • Use full-sized images. It will help to make your posts stand out more.
  • When you get comments on your posts. Interact with those customers.
  • You’ll increase in engagement if you find communities. You all have something in common, so you’re sure to get more interaction.
  • The best times to post are from 9am-11am. The worst times to post are from 6pm-8am.



  • Edit your photos. Once you get the hang of editing, then your brand will have a consistent feel to it.
  • Use captions that pertain to the photo. Ask questions to get more interaction.
  • Use hashtags to increase engagement with your audience.
  • Send notes to people that have liked or commented on your post. Make it a conversational comment rather than a sale comment.


We hope that this list helps you create the Perfect Social Media Post!


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