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How to Maximize Your Twitter Reach

Are you looking for information on how to track and maximize your Twitter Reach? You’ve come to the right place! Read on!

Twitter has said that marketers can reach about 30% of followers in a week with posting regularly. This is without buying Twitter ads. It is found that brands that have the highest organic reach utilize one or more of these tactics.

Let’s take a look at how these tactics can help your Twitter Reach!

  1. Leverage Real Time

Twitter is great for having updates for real-time things like sports events and award shows. A lot of companies that have a Twitter page have had success in leverage real- time.

Real-time can be great for your brand, but you have to remember two things before posting.

  • Do you have a reason to join the conversation?
  • Can you stay true to your brand?
  1. Mention Influencers and Hashtags

Influencers can help your brands reach a great deal. By @-mentioning an influencer in your post, this will help to boost your Twitter reach.  The brand that you mentioned may see your tweet, re-tweet it. Thus, boosting your reach.

Hashtags can also enhance your reach. Posts that have one or more hashtags are more likely to be retweeted.

  1. Photo and Video

Twitter is becoming more and more visual. Adding photos or videos to your posts will help your reach. More people will see it. A study done on Twitter shows that if you post a photo then there will be about a 35% boost of views and videos get a 28% boost in retweets.

With Twitter, you have to post consistently. That is where you get the most success with Twitter.


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