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The Importance Of Being Consistent

“If there is one thing you’d tell people to do to be successful in their Social Media Marketing, what would it be?”

This is one of the most common questions I am asked during networking events or consultations. Although there are hundreds of things I could tell them, I always come back to this one truth.

Be Consistent.

Have you ever looked at a Facebook page for a company and notice that they haven’t posted in a few days? Weeks? And maybe even months? What does this say about that business?

It makes the company look a bit unorganized and not as professional. You can tell if the company is making their online marketing a priority because you will see clear patterns. They might not post every day, but they might post three weeks or a specific day of the week.

It’s always better to post once a day (multiple times a day if you can) but it would be better to post less often and be consistent, than posting sporadically. Consistency is key.

Being consistent doesn’t end with the frequency of your posting. It also includes your timing (what time of day you post), the tone you use, the message your sending and how you engage with your audience!

  • Timing: There are always better times to post than others. The peak times for your page might not be the same for the next person. It depends on your audience, who you’re trying to reach and when they’re usually online!

  • Tone: You want to be consistent in the tone you use in your statuses, tweets and updates. You don’t want to be uptight in some and laid back in others. It confuses your audience and usually costs you your precious likes and followers!

  • Your Message: Just as you have to watch your tone, you also need to watch your message! You want to be consistent in what information you’re posting. If you’re posting about legal issues, don’t share the newest sports car that’s come out. Stick to your message!

  • Engagement: Do you respond to some tweets but not others? Do you respond to questions promptly? These things matter to your followers. Being consistent helps your following know how you’re going to engage them and helps you build better customer relationships.

Consistency is key, not at the price of your brand. If Mondays you post something humorous and a natural disaster happens Monday morning, then you adapt. If what you usually post is no longer socially (and morally) acceptable, then change the plan.

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