Going LIVE on Social Media

Let’s talk about going LIVE on social media. It’s becoming increasingly popular to go live on Instagram and TikTok. Facebook has even made it a focus on their algorithm – accounts that go live find they get more engagement.

The question has been asked… What’s better – going live or posting a video after the fact? The best option is to go live. Social media algorithms like it when you go live on their platform. They tend to put your content out to more people when you do.

Real-Time Marketing

Live video creates “Real-Time Marketing” that people crave. They look for content that is relevant – and content that is live tends to be most relevant. 

When The Unexpected Happens

You run the risk of something going wrong or unexpected when you go live on social media. With years of experience of going live, I have some great stories. I’ve fallen over, been chased by a bee, scared by a peacock, and walked through a spider web live.

With each of these instances came the most engagement and reach. Because it’s REAL. Most content consumers relate to REAL content over overly polished content. Things happen. Run with it and great things will happen.


When going live on social media, you don’t need a fancy set up. All you need is a phone and an internet connection. Tripods aren’t required – prop your phone up against some books if you don’t have one. Ring lights are great – but so is a window for natural light.

Reusing Content

Once you’ve gone live on Facebook or Instagram, you have the opportunity to download that video. Once you do that, you can reuse the content for other places. Horizontal video can be uploaded to YouTube or LinkedIn. Vertical videos can be uploaded to IGTV or Facebook! You don’t have to recreate content over and over – use what you’ve already created!

You can turn videos into emails or blogs as well. Transcribe your videos with Rev and do a quick edit to turn them into articles you can publish on your website or on LinkedIn. You can even turn the content into social media posts to share over the course of a few days!

Where To Go Live

Most social media platforms have the ability to go live. The most popular being Facebook, closely followed by Instagram. Twitter and TikTok also have live options. LinkedIn is rolling out the live feature as well! Go live where your audience is!

Going live has so many benefits – hopefully you’ll give it a chance!

I have a Facebook Live Case Study that I’d love to share with you. You can learn more about the benefits of going live, how to promote your lives and what topics you can use when going live!

Get the case study here: https://aimsocial.info/FacebookLiveCaseStudy

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