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6 Ways To Use Social Media At Live Events

Social Media is a powerful tool for marketing a brand or business… The same goes for promoting live events. But the promoting doesn’t have to end once the event begins. Here are six ways to use social media at your live events.

  1. #Hashtag Content.

Choose a unique hashtag for your event, promote it and encourage attendees to use it in their social media posts. This will give your attendees the opportunity to express themselves and their posts will generate publicity to strengthen your event’s presence. Be sure to reshare those posts during your live events and after!

  1. Real-Time Updates!

Keep your attendees in the loop by posting regular updates on all your social media platforms. Twitter is great for this! Be sure to share a variety of posts… text, video, photos and even questions!

  1. Keep The Convo Going!

Engage with your attendees. Post questions or throw out topics for them to discuss. Use this opportunity to drive your event’s conversations with interesting ideas and views.

  1. Sharing Images.

Instagram will be your best friend. Remember that hashtag you created for your event? Encourage your attendees to use it when posting photos and videos on Instagram (or any other social media). Give them an incentive by making it a contest and offering small prizes. This gives you an easy way to build a great unofficial photo record of your live events which you can use again in future promotions.

  1. Share Locations

Encourage your attendees to check in at their location on Foursquare or Facebook!

  1. Video Streaming.

Live recording is the foundation of a virtual event. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and even YouTube give you the opportunity to live stream your event – either in whole or in part. These videos will save and stay up for people to watch later as well. This is particularly valuable at large events where attendees are unable to be everywhere at once. Be sure to have a strong internet connection though…. Video streaming takes a lot of bandwidth.

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