7 Skills You Should Have To Be A Successful Social Media Manager In 2022

7 Skills You Should Have To Be A Successful Social Media Manager In 2022

As a social media manager you wear multiple hats, from communicating with customers, creating graphic posts for Instagram, editing videos, or writing captions. These are skills that are typically required when searching and attracting clients for your business. 

One of the benefits of being a social media manager is you get to choose what you specialize in and what skill sets you want to have or invest in learning. So if you’re not a fan of video editing but love copywriting, you could spend your time learning in depth on how to write blogs, captions, headlines, etc rather than learning how to edit a video for Tik Tok. 

Here’s 7 skills that you should invest your time in learning to have a successful business in 2022:

  1. Communication: Being able to communicate with clients that you are working with, their customers, people that work for or with you and how to communicate a message across social media is very important.

Answering texts, emails and calls in a timely fashion that fits inside your work hours that you have set for yourself, positions you as someone who is on top of what is going on and can keep others involved, up to date. 

  1. Writing: Investing the time to learn how to properly write captions and headlines will benefit you in every part of your business. Even if you don’t want to offer extensive services such as blog posts, emails or newsletters, having the ability to display your clients message through copywriting will help their social media reach and engagement. 
  1. Creativity: Do you already consider yourself a creative person? Great! You’re already one step closer to being a successful social media manager. If you feel as if you’re not that creative, think about things that inspire you. Write them down, Google ideas and examples to help get your mind thinking about ideas that maybe you wouldn’t have come up with on your own. 
  1. Organization: As a social media manager, there’s a lot of moving parts that correlate with your business. Staying organized is key to being successful in this industry. Knowing what clients are in your pipeline, who has paid for the month, what meetings you have that week, if everyone’s content is being posted on time and correctly. If you’re not organized this can end up being a mess for not only you, but any clients you have or employees. 
  1. Customer Care: This is a skill set combining people skills, customer service and being able to solve problems that arise. There are two types of customers you deal with as a social media manager: your clients and your clients customers. Having people skills to solve problems that arise in your business will ensure that you remain having happy clients and employees that work for you. 
  1. Data Analysis: As you manage clients accounts and your own, data should be tracked either on a weekly or monthly basis. This will show you what is working on the accounts you are posting on and what is not. You should be able to read this data and apply it to future strategies going forward. 
  1. Making Connections: When you are posting either for yourself or your clients, you need to be able to create content that can produce genuine connections for your clients business. When this occurs, engagement, website clicks, transactions and follower count go up.

There are many other skill sets you can learn to grow and scale your business as a social media manager, but these are our top 7 that we think are the most important. If you want to know how to further expand these skills and have a balanced and thriving business join my Facebook page! https://www.facebook.com/groups/thrivingandbalanced

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