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Can you use Emojis in your Social Media Marketing?

With over 200 to choose from and more coming out this year, it makes sense that 60 million emojis are used on just Facebook every day — and that’s excluding the five billion used on Messenger every day!

So should we use emojis in our social media marketing?

Answer: Yes. But everything in moderation.

These modern  hieroglyphics have tons of great benefits and can be part of the secret to the perfect social media post, but when overused it can make your post look ‘spammy’ and unprofessional.

When used in moderation and in the right context, they are a great way to grab your readers attention when scrolling through their news feeds. They can also be used to direct attention to a specific part of your post.

Emojis are perfect for fun and humourous reactions. You can even drop the text all together and just use emojis to reply to comments on your posts. They are a great visual tool to getting the message across and even if your message need a little deciphering, it’s a fun challenge for the reader – within reason of course!

Emojis are essentially a form of shorthand; they help save space within your posts. This is exceptionally beneficial if you’re using a platform like Twitter that limits the amount of characters you can use. They can break up a post composed of a large chunk of text. They get your message across faster than anything else.

Emojis can help establish the personality and voice of your brand. When looking at specific brands online, you can come to identify them by the use of a specific emoji. This won’t work for every brand, but is your brand trying to attract a younger audience? These viewers frequently use emojis. So by using them, the brand will appear more relevant.

Need more reasons to use emojis in your online marketing?

  • Twitter – using emojis results in 25.4% more engagement.
  • Facebook – using emojis results in 57% more likes, 33% more comments, and 33% more shares.
  • Instagram – nearly 50% of all comments and captions contain emojis.

What is your favourite emoji? Share with us in the comments!


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