What Companies Hire Virtual Assistants (VAs)?

When thinking of hiring a virtual assistant, there poses the question, “Is a virtual assistant the right move for my business?” To help answer that question, you can look outside of your business and at your competitors. Do they employ VAs? What does that look like for their business? Evaluating your competition can help you decide if hiring a VA is the right move for your business as well. 

Many businesses of all sizes work with virtual assistants. Independent social media managers who own their own business, marketing firms, and small businesses looking to build their social media awareness can benefit from bringing on a second party virtual assistant to help with workloads or manage marketing efforts. 

Virtual assistants are a benefit to any business. Many businesses hire virtual assistants as a way of optimizing both their office space and workloads. If your business works remotely with no physical office space, virtual assistants are a great candidate to expand as they work exclusively from home. As virtual assistants work exclusively online, their past experiences will show that they can work alongside your team on the schedule that works best for you. 

They also make a great addition if your business works in person. Virtual assistants can complete any given task just like every other workplace employee. Virtual assistants would continue to work online. They would be receiving and delivering their workload over email or your company’s platform of choice, and except for in-person meetings, your VA will be like any other employee.  

Virtual assistants provide support to businesses looking to grow or expand on systems that they have already in place. Whether your business already has a marketing team or are looking to fill a need in your business, a virtual assistant’s marketing experience and expertise will add value to your business. A good VA with the knowledge you need can help you grow your business and connect with your audience. 

Marketing VAs also provide added assistance to social media managers. 

Hiring a virtual assistant with experience in the marketing field benefits small businesses that don’t have the time or knowledge to manage their marketing efforts while being a budget-friendly alternative to a full-time employee. Marketing firms and social media managers might also consider hiring a VA to create a more efficient workplace. Hiring out smaller, more time-consuming projects that benefit their clients will free up their time to focus on building the business. Marketing-specific virtual assistants offer services like social media management, email marketing, blogging, SEO, and more. 

Now, take a look at larger businesses such as marketing firms and social media managers and how virtual assistants can benefit these businesses in different ways. Whether your potential virtual assistant operates as a way to free up time for your other employees or takes on a larger role, virtual assistants are a resource for any company. Depending on your business’s needs, a virtual assistant can perform several tasks. Some tasks could be freeing up a backlog of work that’s slowing down productivity or tasks that will expand your business. 

Virtual assistants work based on your timeline, so you don’t have to worry about them meeting client deadlines or schedules. You can safely trust that the work will be accomplished by setting their due date a few dates before you need to turn in the work to the client. Some companies work with clients in different time zones. Adding a virtual assistant to the team is a great benefit, as they work and plan around your specifications and deadlines. The VA you hire might even be in your client’s time zone. You don’t have to worry about whether or not the time difference will impede the completion of projects. Their flexible hours fit with your business’s personal needs, making the integration into your business easier and more seamless.

Any company can benefit from the hiring of a virtual assistant. It’s important to look at what your business struggles with or what tasks take too much time from existing employees. Evaluate what tasks can be transferred to your potential virtual assistant. Small businesses looking for added support and larger businesses looking to maximize their team’s effectiveness will all benefit from virtual assistants’ expertise. 

For more information about questions to ask when interviewing potential candidates, check out our free downloadable guide, Questions to ask when hiring a Virtual Assistant, for more information on interview questions. This helpful starting guide walks you through the hiring process, details on what questions to ask, and why they’re important.

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