Why We Pull Back Before We AIM

When I start working with a client on their social media, we start from the beginning. No, we don’t scrap everything and start from scratch. We don’t restart… But we do go back to the beginning.

We Ask Questions

  • What platforms are you using?
  • Who’s your target market?
  • Who’s your current clientele?
  • What are your goals?

Questions like these tell us so much about your company, what’s working and what isn’t. It gives us a starting point. Then we go through your social media with a fine-toothed comb. (Or the digital equivalent!)

Why do we start from the beginning? Let’s put it this way… When you start building a palace – you would need to start with a good foundation, right? Well, if we’re going to build you an empire using social media, then it better have the BEST foundation we can get you!

Building a Foundation

This is why we go through and make sure EVERY part of your profiles and pages are filled out with as much information as possible. We want to make sure everything is up to date! You wouldn’t want to get six months in only to find out that your address was entered incorrectly, directing all your customers and clients to another location!


As we go through your social media, we will also optimize your accounts. This means doing research and adding keywords to your profiles that will help search engines find your social media accounts and link them to the CORRECT search results.

We ask ourselves (and the billions of people on the internet…), “What would your potential customers and/or clients type into Google if they were in need of your services?” Then we work backward from the point that we can’t control. We have very little control as to what your customers search for – but we can optimize your accounts using the correct wording to ensure that your content will be found.

Optimization doesn’t just mean keywords though! It includes HASHTAGS. What are the top hashtags related to your industry? Who’s using them? Which ones perform best? We pull not just 1-5 hashtags but 30-50 to sometimes over 100! Each hashtag reaches a slightly different audience. So, we want to mix up the hashtags we use each time we post!

Fresh Eyes, Fresh Perspective.

I was working with a client recently and we were about to launch something… We had been working on it for so long that we didn’t see an obvious issue that was RIGHT in front of our face. Sometimes you’re just so used to seeing these things that it isn’t until someone new comes through to take a look that you can find things to improve on!

Everyone views things differently based on their own past experiences. Having an extra set of eyes can help improve your overall appearance but furthermore – your BRAND and your MESSAGE. Is what you’re trying to say actually what you’re communicating with your reader?

Clear Plan

One of the things that I don’t like doing is creating content, scheduling and pushing out content without a plan. If there are goals – there needs to be a plan. What are we trying to achieve? HOW are we going to achieve it? Sometimes the plan is simply the type of content we’re putting out, hashtags and engagement. Sometimes it’s a lot more in-depth.

If your company is using social media – chances are there is a goal attached to it. Sometimes it’s to drive traffic. Sometimes it’s to build an awareness online. There’re dozens of different goals I’ve heard. And I’ve created a plan for each and every one of them.

If your goal is to gain more sales or convert more leads, then your strategy is going to be much more detailed and will need to include a clear, thought out sales funnel. (Mind you… Every business should have a sales funnel if they don’t already – but we can discuss that in a later article!)

Walk Before You Run

Once we have our good foundation, we’ve optimized, reviewed, and we have a clear plan, THEN we can move forward. And now it’s smooth sailing! The hard part is done.

Imagine how much easier this is going to be now! Instead of backtracking and fixing things along the way, we can start off strong and maintain!

Great things don’t happen overnight (usually). Like anything else, you must put in the work to see the success!




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